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Oysters auf Deutschland
Oysters auf Deutschland
1/2 package sauerkraut, conserve juice.
1 Pt raw oysters, conserve juice
2/3 C. chopped stuffed olives
1 can flat beer
2 Pkg lime Jello
1/2 C over cooked spinach, separated into stringy pieces
small jar pimientos chopped.
Some milk or cream.

Chop oysters into smaller bits, about the size of a fingernail.
In a pan heat the oysters, kraut, spinach, in a mixture of beer, kraut and oyster juice. Set aside.

Using the appropriate amount of the juice, mix and heat the Jello according to package directions, and add all the other ingredients, mixing well. Add a bit of milk or cream to make it cloudy. Pour into a mold (fish mold would be ideal.) Chill overnight.

Take this to a covered dish party and photograph other guests as they savor their first bite.

If you hate pot luck parties, this is the dish for you !!!