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Lady in lace
*****'s Favourite Mud Cake
From Kim Turner  posting on

I belong to a group of ladies who meet and make bobbin lace, besides making lace we meet for coffee, cake and chatting. I am putting together, on behalf of the group, a calendar for 1998 which shows a month a page and on the other side of the page there is a favourite cake recipe and a picture of a piece of lace produced by that lace maker.

One of our ladies (she shall remain anonymous) is not renown for her cake making skills and today gave me her favourite recipe for inclusion in the calendar. I just *could not* resist sharing it with you all.

Western Australia

*****'s Favourite Mud Cake

1 car - fuelled up and ready to go
car keys
1 purse
1 Cheesecake Shop


1. Place money in purse
2. Grab car keys and hop into car
3. Drive car to nearest Cheesecake Shop
4. Stop car, hop out and take purse with you into Cheesecake Shop
5. Ask lady for a Mud Cake
6. Open purse and hand over money
7. Take mud cake home and enjoy.

Her cooking skills may not be that good, but she makes GREAT lace!

Collected by Bert Christensen
Toronto, Ontario