Bert Christensen's Weird & Different Recipes
Fried Woodchuck (Groundhog)
 1 Woodchuck
1 tb Salt
1 c Flour
4 tb Fat
1/2 ts Salt
1/4 ts Pepper

1. Skin and clean woodchuck and cut into 6 or 7 pieces

2. Put in pot, add salt and enough water to cover and parboil for 1 hour.

3. Remove meat from the broth, and drain.

4. Dredge meat in flour, salt and pepper.

5. Melt fat in heavy fry pan and saute woodchuck until nicely browned.

Serves 6

From _Northern Cookbook_ edited by Eleanor A. Ellis. Information Canada, Ottawa 1973.

typos by Bert Christensen
Toronto, Ontario