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Also Known as "Baaluts" or "Baluts"

Take a fertilized duck or chicken egg. Allow the embryo to half form. Bury the egg in hot sand on the beach and leave it for about 100 days. Remove the top of the egg and pour contents down gullet.

Source: posted by Larry Christley, who comments further:

They eat these in the Philippines. They bury the fertile eggs in the sand and let time pass. I have heard 100 days, but did not confirm. My nose told me it was probably true. Whewwwww they stank. Only thing that comes close was when I was a lad and the little house behind the big house was emptied....they always did that job at night for obvious reasons. The Filipinos ate Baloutes in broad daylight.

Taylor Ambrose sends this:

i found your website a great fun today. on baloutes, the story i recall from service in the Philippines
(the PI) is that the duck eggs are buried in the barn yard for 21 days or a woman's cycle, then dug up to be eaten by pregnant women.
the potassium is a concentrate and superb for the fetus. almost any bar in the PI has these in a jar to be sampled by bet and beer. ask any sailor which Marine beat him on baloutes. most guys puke. the locals laugh and show you how; just pay the bar tab and take suzy home for better luck next time.


Collected by Bert Christensen
Toronto, Ontario