Woman with an elaborate scarf
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Woman on a Couch Abstract Figure Woman's Face with Painted Tears
Tiger Kitten Mother and Baby Snails Kitten with arms in the air
Rabbnit and Deer eating Woman on a unicycle Many coloured pencils
Man on a bicycle with a dog running behind Woman in evening dress Woman in a shawl
Spiral Staircase  Woman in the wind  Flower stem and snail 
Woman in a hat  Abstract "eye"  Woman cooking with strange tools 
Woman in black dress  Painting of a woman in a red dress  Zebras 
Woman walking by a window  Young Girl with black cat  Woman with an elaborate scarf 
Birds at a water tap  Woman tiptoeing to a window  Water droplets on a spider web 
Message in a bottle  Woman with a red umbrella  Abstract bird on a bicycle 
Woman in a purple head dress  Dandilion seed with a lady bug  Two giraffes