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Gallery 221
Paintings by Various Artists
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Gerd Bannuscher, Without Horizon

Gerd Bannuscher
Without Horizon

Bo Bartlett, The Dowry

Bo Bartlett
The Dowry

Anna Boganis

Anna Boganis

Rupert Bunny, Portrait of the Artist's Wife

Rupert Bunny
Portrait of the Artist's Wife

Scott Burdick, Tiffany's Hat

Scott Burdick
Tiffany's Hat

Ramón Casas, La Madeleine

Ramón Casas
La Madeleine

Pascal Chove

Pascal Chove

Kim Cogan

Kim Cogan

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Pensive Oriental

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Pensive Oriental

Salomon Guillaume Counis, Portrait of a Lady with a Flowered Shawl

Salomon Guillaume Counis
Portrait of a Lady with
a Flowered Shawl

Albert Cresswell, Two Young Girls in the Park

Albert Cresswell
Two Young Girls in the Park

Richard Davies, Lana Del Rey

Richard Davies
Lana Del Rey

Emile Doepler, Jr., La soire

Emile Doepler, Jr.
La soire

Diane Eugster, Bella Blanca

Diane Eugster
Bella Blanca

Natalia Fabia

Natalia Fabia
Aileen Ice Cream

David FeBland

David FeBland

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin, Portrait of Duane

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin
Portrait of Duane

Simon T Frantisek, Girls on the Beach

Simon T Frantisek
Girls on the Beach

Francois Fressinier, La Dauce Vie

Francois Fressinier
La Dauce Vie

Michael and Inessa Garmash

Michael and Inessa Garmash

Eva Gonzales, Portrait of a Woman in White

Eva Gonzales
Portrait of a Woman in White

Michael Gorban, Leaves in the Mist

Michael Gorban
Leaves in the Mist

Adrian Gottlieb, Second Thoughts

Adrian Gottlieb
Second Thoughts

Charles Hermans, The Flower Seller

Charles Hermans
The Flower Seller

Elena Ilku, Contemplation

Elena Ilku

Evgenie Monahov

Evgenie Monahov

Alfred James Munnings, Young Lady in a Pink Selfridges Dress

Alfred James Munnings
Young Lady in a Pink Selfridges Dress

William McGregor Paxton , La Russe

William McGregor Paxton
La Russe

Yuri Pimenov

Yuri Pimenov

Djordje Prudnikoff

Djordje Prudnikoff

Sir Walter Russell, Cordelia

Sir Walter Russell

Janibekov Rauf Salim, Dancing in the Rain

Janibekov Rauf Salim
Dancing in the Rain

Christian Schloe, The Messenger

Christian Schloe
The Messenger

William A Schneider, After the Fiesta

William A Schneider
After the Fiesta

Mark Spain,  Boardwalk

Mark Spain

Sharon Sprung, Zeli

Sharon Sprung

Ludwig Strimpl, The Garden Party

Ludwig Strimpl
The Garden Party

Franz von Stuck, Portrait of Daughter

Franz von Stuck
Portrait of Daughter

Christopher Walker, Transient

Christopher Walker

John Weiss, Before the Tempest

John Weiss
Before the Tempest

Aaron Allen Westerberg, Rapture in Red

Aaron Allen Westerberg
Rapture in Red

Anders Zorn, Impressions of London

Anders Zorn
Impressions of London

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