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Gallery 216
Paintings by Various Artists
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Francois Augé

Philippe Augé

James Carroll Beckwith, Greee

James Carroll Beckwith

Gaetano Bellei, Tuscan Flower Girl

Gaetano Bellei
Tuscan Flower Girl

Henderson Cisz, Champs Elysees

Henderson Cisz
Champs Elysees

Georges Jules Victor Clairin, Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt

Georges Jules Victor Clairin
Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt

Francisco Rodriguez Sanchez Clement, Presenciando una corrida de toros

Francisco Rodriguez Sanchez Clement
Presenciando una corrida de toros

Giuseppe de Nittis, Prima del ballo

Giuseppe de Nittis
Prima del ballo

Giuseppe De Sanctis, Mercato di fiori a Bruxelles

Giuseppe De Sanctis
Mercato di fiori a Bruxelles

Jules–Elie Delaunay, Ung kvinna med värja

Jules–Elie Delaunay
Young Woman with a Sword

Joseph Farquharson, Glowed with Tints of Evening Hours

Joseph Farquharson
Glowed with Tints of Evening Hours

Lin Fengmian, Four Beauties

Lin Fengmian
Four Beauties

Igor Gorin

Igor Gorin

Francisco de Goya, Portrait of Antonia Zarate

Francisco de Goya
Portrait of Antonia Zarate

Hans Hassenteufel, The Mandolin Player

Hans Hassenteufel
The Mandolin Player

Franz Horst, Lady In A Red Dress With Hat

Franz Horst
Lady In A Red Dress With Hat

Helen Il'icheva

Helen Il'icheva

Gustave Jean Jacquet, Tête de fautaine

Gustave Jean Jacquet
Tête de fautaine

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Rockwell Kent, Sable River. Winter: Adirondacks

Rockwell Kent
Sable River. Winter: Adirondacks

Johan Krouthen, Tradgardsinterior fran Linkoping

Johan Krouthen
Tradgardsinterior fran Linkoping

Helena Lam, An Evening In Paris

Helena Lam
An Evening In Paris

Edward Magnus, Portrait of A. Zenden

Edward Magnus
Portrait of A. Zenden

Konstantin Makovsky, Portrait of a Young Girl

Konstantin Makovsky
Portrait of a Young Girl

Iman Maleki,  Sisters and Book

Iman Maleki
Sisters and Book

Liu Maoshan

Liu Maoshan
Vivid Autumn

Jennifer McChristian, Pietons

Jennifer McChristian

Heather Neill

Heather Neill

Luigi Nono, In lumine vitae

Luigi Nono
In lumine vitae

Marcel Nino Pajot, l'echarpe_d'or

Marcel Nino Pajot
l'echarpe d'or

Michael Parkes, The Three Graces

Michael Parkes
The Three Graces

Pavel Penkovsky

Pavel Penkovsky

Maia Ramishvili, Pomegranate

Maia Ramishvili

Howard Rogers, The Town Crier

Howard Rogers
The Town Crier

Jakub Schikanede, Evening in the Garden

Jakub Schikanede
Evening in the Garden

Gianni Strino, Pensive

Gianni Strino

Phan Thu Trang, Golden Autumn

Phan Thu Trang
Golden Autumn

Hugo Urlacher, Angel de Alas Amarillas

Hugo Urlacher
Angel de Alas Amarillas

Giovanni Vehpvadze

Giovanni Vehpvadze

Jehan Georges Vibert, Une femme oriental

Jehan Georges Vibert
Une femme oriental

Gerda Wegener, Air de Capri

Gerda Wegener
Air de Capri

Fred Wessel, Capricorn

Fred Wessel

Hongnian Zhang, Portrait of Elizabeth

Hongnian Zhang
Portrait of Elizabeth

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