Bert Christensen's Cyberspace Gallery
Gallery 213
Paintings by Various Artists
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Catherine Anderson

Catherine Anderson

Dmitri Annenkov, Childhood Memories

Dmitri Annenkov
Childhood Memories

Bo Bartlett, Lobster Wars

Bo Bartlett
Lobster Wars

Agost Benkhard, Reclining Nude

Agost Benkhard
Reclining Nude

Antal Berkes, Paris Street View

Antal Berkes
Paris Street View

Christopher Blossom, Silhouette

Christopher Blossom

Edwin John Bruns

Edwin John Bruns

Scott Burdick, Far Away

Scott Burdick
Far Away

Adelina Campriani, Portrait of Adelina Campriani

Adelina Campriani
Portrait of Adelina Campriani

Santiago Carbonell

Santiago Carbonell

Bernard Charoy

Bernard Charoy

Ann E. Cheeks, Ocean Waves

Ann E. Cheeks
Ocean Waves

Sergio Martinez Cifuentes

Sergio Martinez Cifuentes

Sherree Valentine Daines, Strolling Along the Pier

Sherree Valentine Daines
Strolling Along the Pier

Diego Dayer, The Musicians and Muses

Diego Dayer
The Musicians and Muses

Michele Del Campo

Michele Del Campo

Bruno Di Maio, The Duck

Bruno Di Maio
The Duck

Arthur Dove, Sails

Arthur Dove

Augustus Egg, The Travelling Companions

Augustus Egg
The Travelling Companions

Alexandr Ermolenko,  A Street in the Province, Evening Light

Alexandr Ermolenko
A Street in the Province, Evening Light

Alan Fearnley, Ciao

Alan Fearnley

David Gray, Melody

David Gray

Alexei Alexeivich Harlamoff, Portrait of a Brunette Girl

Alexei Alexeivich Harlamoff
Portrait of a Brunette Girl

Sarah Sewell Hayden, Girl in Green

Sarah Sewell Hayden
Girl in Green

Annette Hodges, Rancho Santa Rosita II

Annette Hodges
Rancho Santa Rosita II

Bev Jozwiak, Shaken not Stirred

Bev Jozwiak
Shaken not Stirred

William Knight Keeling, Love's Messenger

William Knight Keeling
Love's Messenger

William Arber Brown Kirkpatrick, Woman in Blue

William Arber Brown Kirkpatrick
Woman in Blue

Constantine Kluge, Marché aux fleurs

Constantine Kluge
Marché aux fleurs

Bryce Cameron Liston, Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

Bryce Cameron Liston
Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

Anton Lutz, Sitzender Akt

Anton Lutz
Sitzender Akt

Adolf Heinrich Mackeprang, Donkey at the Fountain

Adolf Heinrich Mackeprang
Donkey at the Fountain

Csaba Markus

Csaba Markus

Alfredo Palmero

Alfredo Palmero

E. J. Paprocki

E. J. Paprocki

Carl Purcell, "You Drove Last Time!"

Carl Purcell
"You Drove Last Time!"

Annie Ralli, Whitehall from Trafalgar Square

Annie Ralli
Whitehall from Trafalgar Square

Stephanie Rew, Blue Uchiake Kimono

Stephanie Rew
Blue Uchiake Kimono

Vladimir Ryabchikov

Vladimir Ryabchikov

Eduard Theodor Ritter von Grützner, Impish Smiling Monk at the Wine Tasting

Eduard Theodor Ritter von Grützner
Impish Smiling Monk
at the Wine Tasting

Cornelis Springer, A Busy Street In Bremen

Cornelis Springer
A Busy Street In Bremen

Charles Henry Tenré, The Introduction

Charles Henry Tenré
The Introduction

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