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Gallery 208
Paintings by Various Artists
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Jonathan Ahn, Maiden in a Red Dress

Jonathan Ahn
Maiden in a Red Dress

Ilyas Aidarov, Title Unknown

Ilyas Aidarov
Title Unknown

Ivana Barazi, Miss Gladiola

Ivana Barazi
Miss Gladiola

Bellor, La flûte Enchantée

La flûte Enchantée

Ernest Bieler, Duc Le Forgeron

Ernest Bieler
Duc Le Forgeron

Edouard Bisson, The Three Graces

Edouard Bisson
The Three Graces

Cayetano de Arquer Buigas, Unknown Title

Cayetano de Arquer Buigas
Unknown Title

Jean Andre Castaigne, L'arrivée à New York

Jean Andre Castaigne
L'arrivée à New York

Georges Corominas, Tuareg Camel

Georges Corominas
Tuareg Camel

Benjamin Cortis, Untitled

Benjamin Cortis

Hu Jun Di, Two Women in Snow

Hu Jun Di
Two Women in Snow

Jean-Gabriel Domergue, Woman with Greyhounds

Jean-Gabriel Domergue
Woman with Greyhounds

Gleb Goloubetski, Paris Rooftops

Gleb Goloubetski
Paris Rooftops

Konstantin Gorbatov, Veliky Novgorod

Konstantin Gorbatov
Veliky Novgorod

Han Heping, Title Unknown

Han Heping
Title Unknown

Erica Hopper, Title Unknown

Erica Hopper
Title Unknown

Helen Illichova, Still Life

Helen Illichova
Still Life

Friedrich August von Kaulbach, The Queen of Wine

Frklein.htmiedrich August von Kaulbach
The Queen of Wine

Paul Kelley, Transition

Paul Kelley

Conrad Kiesel, Marguerite

Conrad Kiesel

Michael Klein, Title Unknown

Michael Klein
Title Unknown

George Kurasov, Chess

George Kurasov

Jeffrey T. Larson, Delphinium

Jeffrey T. Larson

Serge Lutens, Title Unknown

Serge Lutens
Title Unknown

Dustin Lyon, Flying My Kite

Dustin Lyon
Flying My Kite

Jacek Malczewski, Create-Harpy  Moment in a Dream

Jacek Malczewski
Create-Harpy Moment in a Dream

Frank Melech, Unknown Title

Frank Melech
Unknown Title

Valery Mironov, King of Wine

Valery Mironov
King of Wine

Eduardo Naranjo, Orquidea IV (Night)

Eduardo Naranjo
Orquidea IV (Night)

Jacqueline Penny, Title Unknown

Jacqueline Penny
Title Unknown

Hao Ping, Warm Breeze

Hao Ping
Warm Breeze

Heide E. Presse, Unknown Title

Heide E. Presse
Sunny Day

Bogdan Prystrom, Unknown Title

Bogdan Prystrom
Unknown Title

Igor Samsonov, Duet

Igor Samsonov

Hanjo Schnug, Title Unknown

Hanjo Schnug
Title Unknown

Antonio Sgarbossa, Title Unknown

Antonio Sgarbossa
Title Unknown

James Jebusa Shannon, Portrait of Lady Grace Dance

James Jebusa Shannon
Portrait of Lady Grace Dance

Dmitry Shorin, Title Unknown

Dmitry Shorin
Title Unknown

Ira Tsantekidou, Salute

Ira Tsantekidou

Cecile Veilhan, Title Unknown

Cecile Veilhan
Title Unknown

Jeffrey R. Watts, Unknown Title

Jeffrey R. Watts
Unknown Title

Earle Yuvind, Unknown Title

Earle Yuvind
Unknown Title

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