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Gallery 207
Paintings by Various Artists
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Lorenzo Agius, Title Unknown

Lorenzo Agius
Title Unknown

Hristoforovich Manuel Aladzhalov, Unknown Title

Hristoforovich Manuel Aladzhalov
Unknown Title

Robert Alott, Southern Capriccio

Robert Alott
Southern Capriccio

Miklos Barabas, Portrait de femme, Hongrie

Miklos Barabas
Portrait de femme, Hongrie

Eugene de Blaas, The Red Fan

Eugene de Blaas
The Red Fan

Lee Bogle, Flores de la Elegancia

Lee Bogle
Flores de la Elegancia

Emile Claus, De ijsvogels

Emile Claus
De ijsvogels

Elaine Coffee, Anticipation

Elaine Coffee

Lovis Corinth, The Violinist

Lovis Corinth
The Violinist

Edouard Leon Cortes, The Pantheon

Edouard Leon Cortes
The Pantheon

Annya Djachiachvili, Sudden Discovery - Baby Owls

Annya Djachiachvili
Sudden Discovery - Baby Owls

Edmond Louis Dupain, Lady Walking Her Greyhounds on the Beach

Edmond Louis Dupain
Lady Walking Her
Greyhounds on the Beach

Frederick William Elwel, Leonie's Toilet

Frederick William Elwel
Leonie's Toilet

Eduardo Leon Garrido, Title Unknown

Eduardo Leon Garrido
Title Unknown

Siproshvili Givi, Tatiana

Siproshvili Givi

Abbott Fuller Graves, Pond Lilies

Abbott Fuller Graves
Pond Lilies

Eugene Grivaz, Vendedora de chinerías

Eugene Grivaz
Vendedora de chinerías

George Peter Alexander Healy, Euphemia White Van Rensselear

George Peter Alexander Healy
Euphemia White Van Rensselear

Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Turn of the Tide

Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Turn of the Tide

Alexander G. Ivanov, Life in One Ukrainian Village

Alexander G. Ivanov
Life in One Ukrainian Village

George Kurasov, A Portrait Of Mrs. Keis

George Kurasov
A Portrait Of Mrs. Keis

Diane Leonard, A large Glass of Wine

Diane Leonard
A Large Glass of Wine

Susan Lyon, Title Unknown

Susan Lyon
Title Unknown

Faiza Maghni, Title Unknown

Faiza Maghni
Title Unknown

Daniel Hernandez Morillo, Title Unknown

Daniel Hernandez Morillo
Title Unknown

Anneli Olander, Cheryl

Anneli Olander

Elimar Ulrich Bruno Piglhein, Bildnis eines Mädchens mit Hut und Fächer

Elimar Ulrich Bruno Piglhein
Bildnis eines Mädchens
mit Hut und Fächer

Andrei Protsouk, Icon-of-Romance

Andrei Protsouk
Icon of Romance

Gernot Rasenberger, Unknown Title

Gernot Rasenberger
Unknown Title

Emil Rau, Besuch auf der Alm

Emil Rau
Besuch auf der Alm

Andrew Repnikov, Unknown Title

Andrew Repnikov
Unknown Title

Abraham Saakian, Beauty Ritual

Abraham Saakian
Beauty Ritual

Georges Stein, A Flower Seller Outside the Paris Opera House

Georges Stein
A Flower Seller Outside
the Paris Opera House

Alexander Susha, Morning Sunlight

Alexander Susha
Morning Sunlight

Anatoly Timoshkin, Violet and Yellow Irises

Anatoly Timoshkin
Violet and Yellow Irises

Edoardo Tofano, Donna con ventaglio

Edoardo Tofano
Donna con ventaglio

Velimir Trnski, Alida

Velimir Trnski

Diego Velázquez, Lady with a Fan

Diego Velázquez
Lady with a Fan

Anna Vinogradova, The Mirror

Anna Vinogradova
The Mirror

H. Weiss, The Boy III

H. Weiss
The Boy III

Frank Percy Wild, Picking Water Lilies

Frank Percy Wild
Picking Water Lilies

Alexei Zaitsev, At lake

Alexei Zaitsev
At lake

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