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Gallery 206
Paintings by Various Artists
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Valentina Ramos Aaron, Title Unknown

Valentina Ramos Aaron
Title Unknown

Eduard Ansen-Hofmann, Odalisque

Eduard Ansen-Hofmann

James Archer, Longing

James Archer

Vladimir Arkhipov, Title Unknown

Vladimir Arkhipov
Title Unknown

William Ashburner, The Peacock Dress

William Ashburner
The Peacock Dress

Barnali Bagch, Radha Krishna

Barnali Bagchi
Radha Krishna

James Carroll Beckwith, Evelyn Nesbitt

James Carroll Beckwith
Evelyn Nesbitt

Tomasz Dziubinski, Nowiny Horynieckie

Tomasz Dziubinski
Nowiny Horynieckie

Anton Ebert, Portrait of a Young Spanish Woman

Anton Ebert
Portrait of a Young Spanish Woman

Severo Rodriguez Etchart, Arab Beauty

Severo Rodriguez Etchart
Arab Beauty

Roy Fairchild, Title Unknown

Roy Fairchild
Title Unknown

Elizabeth R. Finley, The Japanese Fan

Elizabeth R. Finley
The Japanese Fan

Eduard Gartner, Parochialstrasse in Berlin

Eduard Gartner
Parochialstrasse in Berlin

Antoine Helbert, Title Unknown

Antoine Helbert
Title Unknown

Douglas Hofmann, Unknown Title

Douglas Hofmann
Unknown Title

Domenico Induno, The Letter

Domenico Induno
The Letter

Lynda M. Jasper-Vogel, Unknown Title

Lynda M. Jasper-Vogel
Unknown Title

Zhao Kailin, Unknown Title

Zhao Kailin
Unknown Title

Conrad Kiesel, After the Ball

Conrad Kiesel
After the Ball

Zinaida Kovalevskaya, Self Portrait

Zinaida Kovalevskaya
Self Portrait

Diane Leonard, A Treasured Moment

Diane Leonard
A Treasured Moment

Carl Link, Young Beauty with Favorite Windhound

Carl Link
Young Beauty
with Favorite Windhound

Sergei Marshennikov, Unknown Title

Sergei Marshennikov
Unknown Title

Ed Mell, Headin Fer Dirt

Ed Mell
Headin Fer Dirt

Gustave Moreau, The Apparition

Gustave Moreau
The Apparition

Vladimir Mukhin, Unknown title

Vladimir Mukhin
Unknown title

Govinder Nazran, You Are Everything

Govinder Nazran
You Are Everything

William Oliver, Unknown Title

William Oliver
Unknown Title

William Orpen, Augustus John

William Orpen
Augustus John

Stanislav Plutenko, From the top

Stanislav Plutenko
From the top

Stanislav Plutenko, Twosome

Stanislav Plutenko

Andrew Remnev, Title Unknown

Andrew Remnev
Title Unknown

Sergey Reznichenko, Unknown Title

Sergey Reznichenko

Sergey Reznichenko, Unknown Title

Sergey Reznichenko
Unknown Title

Sir William Blake Richmond, Mrs Luke Ionides

Sir William Blake Richmond
Mrs Luke Ionides

Valeriy Rubanenko, Lady in Blue

Valeriy Rubanenko
Lady in Blue

Vladimir Ryabchikov, Title Unknown

Vladimir Ryabchikov
Title Unknown

Thomas James Schultz, Title Unknown

Thomas James Schultz
Title Unknown

Suhair Sibai, Red Bird!

Suhair Sibai
Red Bird!

Arusha Votsmush, Unknown Title

Arusha Votsmush
Unknown Title

Rowland Wheelwright, In the Bluebell Wood

Rowland Wheelwright
In the Bluebell Wood

Amano Yoshitaka, Lady

Amano Yoshitaka

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