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Gallery 205
Paintings by Various Artists
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Peter Nicolai Arbo, Portrait of Opera Singer Lona Gulowsen

Peter Nicolai Arbo
Portrait of Opera Singer
Lona Gulowsen

Andre Balyon, Symphony in Red

Andre Balyon
Symphony in Red

Rose Maynard Barton, Hyde Park, May

Rose Maynard Barton
Hyde Park, May

Francois Batet, Title Unknown

Francois Batet
Title Unknown

Robert Frederick Blum, The Ameya

Robert Frederick Blum
The Ameya

Paulus Bor, The Disillusioned Medea (aka The Enchantress)

Paulus Bor
The Disillusioned Medea
(aka The Enchantress)

Annick Bouvier, Title Unknown

Annick Bouvier
Title Unknown

Colette Calascione,  Self Portrait with Internal Landscape

Colette Calascione
Self Portrait with Internal Landscape

Fred Calleri, La Banyista

Fred Calleri
La Banyista

Pamela Colebourn, September

Pamela Colebourn

Erin Cone, Title Unknown

Erin Cone
Title Unknown

A.D. Cook, Avalon

A.D. Cook

Lovis Corinth, Portrait of Elly

Lovis Corinth
Portrait of Elly

Ron Di Scenza, Unknown Title

Ron Di Scenza
Unknown Title

Thierry Duval, Un hiver à Paris

Thierry Duval
Un hiver à Paris

Alexander Fedorov, The Chapel of the Archangel Michael

Alexander Fedorov
The Chapel of the Archangel Michael

Eric Fischl, By the River

Eric Fischl
By the River

William Gilbert Gaul, Peace Conference

William Gilbert Gaul
Peace Conference

Peter Gowland, Nude with Flower

Peter Gowland
Nude with Flower

Abbott Fuller Graves, Woman with Flower Basket

Abbott Fuller Graves
Woman with Flower Basket

Richard Hall, Title Unknown

Richard Hall
Title Unknown

Frans Hals, Portrait of Willem van Heythuysen

Frans Hals
Portrait of Willem van Heythuysen

Alexander G. Ivanov, Life in One Ukrainian Village

Alexander G. Ivanov
Life in One Ukrainian Village

Jenny Jones, Self Portrait

Jenny Jones
Self Portrait

Raphael Kirchner, From La Vie Parisienne

Raphael Kirchner
From La Vie Parisienne

Alexander Kiselev, Autumn in the Forest

Alexander Kiselev
Autumn in the Forest

Theodor Severin Kittelsen, White Bear King Valemon

Theodor Severin Kittelsen
White Bear King Valemon

Norval Morrisseau, Psychic Space

Norval Morrisseau
Psychic Space

Alphonse Mucha, Christmas in America

Alphonse Mucha
Christmas in America

Alan Murray, Mystic

Alan Murray

Oleg Nazarenko, Touch 2

Oleg Nazarenko
Touch 2

Peter Nixon, Selene/Luna

Peter Nixon

Henry Nelson  O'Neil, Rosalind As You Like It

Henry Nelson O'Neil
Rosalind in As You Like It

Rossana Petrillo, Title Unknown

Rossana Petrillo
Title Unknown

Otto Pippel, Nocturno

Otto Pippel

Willy Pogany, from "Arabian Nights"

Willy Pogany
from "Arabian Nights"

Alberto Prosdocini, Gondoljär the Venedig

Alberto Prosdocini
Gondoljär the Venedig

Dim Rezchikov, Title Unknown

Dim Rezchikov
Title Unknown

George Rustchev, Title Unknown

George Rustchev
Title Unknown

Abraham Saakian, Body Language

Abraham Saakian
Body Language

Robert J. Swan, Marygold

Robert J. Swan

Robert Voelcker, Schöne Aussicht

Robert Voelcker
Schöne Aussicht

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