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Gallery 204
Paintings by Various Artists
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Alice Pike Barney, Natalie in Fur Cape

Alice Pike Barney
Natalie in Fur Cape

Laura Beloivan, Title Unknown

Laura Beloivan
Title Unknown

Edwin Howland Blashfield, The Lover's Advance

Edwin Howland Blashfield
The Lover's Advance

Alison Blickle, Cypress

Alison Blickle

Toby Boothman, Girl with Red Turban

Toby Boothman
Girl with Red Turban

Alexey Chernigina, Title Unknown

Alexey Chernigina
Title Unknown

Xie Chuyu, Title Unknown

Xie Chuyu
Title Unknown

Albert Ramos Cortes, Spanish Girl

Albert Ramos Cortes
Spanish Girl

Rose Adelaide Ducreux, Self-Portrait with Harp

Rose Adelaide Ducreux
Self-Portrait with Harp

Vladimir Fedotko, Love

Vladimir Fedotko

Vincent Giarrano, The Red Dress

Vincent Giarrano
The Red Dress

Adrian Gottlieb, Danni

Adrian Gottlieb

Charles Joseph Grips, Title Unknown

Charles Joseph Grips
Title Unknown

Trent Gudmundsen, Bringing Drinks

Trent Gudmundsen
Bringing Drinks

Ron Hicks, Late Night Endeavors

Ron Hicks
Late Night Endeavors

Alexei Kharlamov, Unknown Title

Alexei Kharlamov
Unknown Title

Michael Klein, The Next Day

Michael Klein
The Next Day

Daniel Ridgway Knight, Maria on the Terrace

Daniel Ridgway Knight
Maria on the Terrace

Andre Kohn, Title Unknown

Andre Kohn
Title Unknown

Carl Larsson, A Lady Reading a Newspaper

Carl Larsson
A Lady Reading a Newspaper

Fongwei Liu, Tendai

Fongwei Liu

Constantine Lizogub, Title Unknown

Constantine Lizogub
Title Unknown

Vicente Lopez y Portanya, María Cristina

Vicente Lopez y Portanya
María Cristina

Constantine Lvovich, Bliss

Constantine Lvovich

E.H. MacAndrew, Spanish Lace

E.H. MacAndrew
Spanish Lace

Dmitry Avlasevich Mikhailovich, An Urban Romance

Dmitry Avlasevich Mikhailovich
An Urban Romance

Ferdinand Minor, Feeding Pigeons

Ferdinand Minor
Feeding Pigeons

Ricardo Fernandez Ortega, Spell for Peace

Ricardo Fernandez Ortega
Spell for Peace

Misti Pavlov, Girl in Spanish Dress

Misti Pavlov
Girl in Spanish Dress

Gabriel Picart, Title Unknown

Gabriel Picart
Title Unknown

Leszek Piotrowski, Title Unknown

Leszek Piotrowski
Title Unknown

Carlos Sayadyan, Dialogue

Carlos Sayadyan

Al Serov, At the Ancient River's Shore

Al Serov
At the Ancient River's Shore

Duffy Sheridan, Trust

Duffy Sheridan

Alexander Shubin, Title Unknown

Alexander Shubin
Title Unknown

Anna Silivonchik, Title Unknown

Anna Silivonchik
Title Unknown

Jan Vermeer, Woman Holding a Balance

Jan Vermeer
Woman Holding a Balance

Benjamin Vierling, Woman with Beast

Benjamin Vierling
Woman with Beast

Anna Vinogradova, Flamenco Dancer

Anna Vinogradova
Flamenco Dancer

George Spencer Watson, Portrait of Betty McCann

George Spencer Watson
Portrait of Betty McCann

Andrew White, Title Unknown

Andrew White
Title Unknown

Adelina Zandrino, Art Deco Femme Mode Chapeau Prix Fixe

Adelina Zandrino
Art Deco Femme Mode
Chapeau Prix Fixe

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