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Gallery 202
Paintings by Various Artists
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Edmond François Aman-Jean, Woman with Glove

Edmond François Aman-Jean
Woman with Glove

Igor Andrianov, Unknown Title

Igor Andrianov
Unknown Title

Francois Batet, Unknown Title

Francois Batet
Unknown Title

Jan Van Beers, Portrait of a Young Woman

Jan Van Beers
Portrait of a Young Woman

Gaetano Bellei, A Gust of Wind

Gaetano Bellei
A Gust of Wind

Gabriel Boutet,La Fête De Montrouge+

Gabriel Boutet
La Fête De Montrouge

Hao Boyi, Golden Autumn And Clear Breeze

Hao Boyi
Golden Autumn And Clear Breeze

Joshua Burbank, Modernique

Joshua Burbank

Claudette Castonguay, Bella Musica

Claudette Castonguay
Bella Musica

Giuseppe Cavasanti, Figura Femminile "Nina"

Giuseppe Cavasanti
Figura Femminile "Nina"

Ken Danby, Acapulco

Ken Danby

Mathilde Dietrichson, Letter Writer

Mathilde Dietrichson
Letter Writer

Karen Dupre, Femme Fatale

Karen Dupre
Femme Fatale

Frederick William Elwel, Mrs. J. Downs

Frederick William Elwel
Mrs. J. Downs

Francois Fressinier, Unknown Title

Francois Fressinier
Unknown Title

Jean Gouweloos, La robe bleue

Jean Gouweloos
La robe bleue

Jean-Louis Hamon, Self Portrait

Jean-Louis Hamon
Self Portrait

Alexei Harlamoff, The Flower Seller

Alexei Harlamoff
The Flower Seller

Herman Hartwich, Girl with Cat

Herman Hartwich
Girl with Cat

John Newton Howitt, Untitled

John Newton Howitt

Gerolamo Induno, Listening to the News of the Day

Gerolamo Induno
Listening to the News of the Day

Patrick von Kalckreuth, Atmospheric Seascape

Patrick von Kalckreuth
Atmospheric Seascape

Sanya Khomenko, Disappear

Sanya Khomenko

Henri Lebasque, Marte and Nono

Henri Lebasque
Marte and Nono

Josef Manes, Title Unknown

Josef Manes
Title Unknown

William Henry Margetson, Afternoon Tea

William Henry Margetson
Afternoon Tea

Joan Marti, Paula entre dos luces

Joan Marti
Paula entre dos luces

Francesc Miralles I Galaup, Passeig en barca

Francesc Miralles I Galaup
Passeig en barca

Robin Morris, Rivals

Robin Morris

Craig Mullins, Mermaid

Craig Mullins

G. Novozhilov, Title Unknown

G. Novozhilov
Title Unknown

Jonathan Pratt, An Idyllic Afternoon with Cat

Jonathan Pratt
An Idyllic Afternoon with Cat

Henry Patrick Raleigh, Women Sitting at the Tea Table

Henry Patrick Raleigh
Women Sitting at the Tea Table

Giovanni Segantini, Ave Maria

Giovanni Segantini
Ave Maria

Clara Sporleder, Der Handkuss

Clara Sporleder
Der Handkuss

Joseph Todorovich, The Expert

Joseph Todorovich
The Expert

Fatima Tomaeva, Title Unknown

Fatima Tomaeva
Title Unknown

Hsin-Yao Tseng, A Glance

Hsin-Yao Tseng
A Glance

Evan Walters, The Cockle Woman

Evan Walters
The Cockle Woman

George Spencer Watson, Portrait of Mary Spencer Watson

George Spencer Watson
Portrait of Mary Spencer Watson

Emrys Williams, Zebra and Chateau

Emrys Williams
Zebra and Chateau

Evan Wilson, Unknown title

Evan Wilson
Unknown title

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