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Paintings by Various Artists
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Olga Akasi, Portrait of Laura de Noves

Olga Akasi
Portrait of Laura de Noves

Sir Oswald Hornby Joseph Birley, Miss Muriel Gore in a Fortuny Dress, 1919

Sir Oswald Hornby Joseph Birley
Miss Muriel Gore in a
Fortuny Dress, 1919

Albert Breaute, Loved Ones Around the Piano

Albert Breaute
Loved Ones Around the Piano

Aimee Brune, Young lady with her ​​Maid

Aimee Brune
Young lady with her ​​Maid

Simon Bull, Living the Life

Simon Bull
Living the Life

Tatiana Deriy, Title Unknown+

Tatiana Deriy
Title Unknown

Zorikto Dorzhiev, Concubines-Saturday

Zorikto Dorzhiev
Concubine's Saturday

Andrei Afanasevich Egorov, Title Unknown

Andrei Afanasevich Egorov
Title Unknown

Annie French, Title Unknown

Annie French
Title Unknown

William Powell Frith, The Signal

William Powell Frith
The Signal

Vincent Giarrano, Title Unknown

Vincent Giarrano
Title Unknown

Sue Howells, They Didnt Forecast This

Sue Howells
They Didnt Forecast This

Henry J. Hudson, The Letter

Henry J. Hudson
The Letter

Andrey Kartashov, Girl with Blue Collar

Andrey Kartashov
Girl with Blue Collar

Thomas Benjamin Kennington, A Plume of Smoke

Thomas Benjamin Kennington
A Plume of Smoke

George Goodwin Kilburne, The Duet

George Goodwin Kilburne
The Duet

Andre Kohn, Title Unknown

Andre Kohn
Title Unknown

Andrea Kowch, Title Unknown

Andrea Kowch
Title Unknown

Wilmot Lunt, The Interval

Wilmot Lunt
The Interval

Victor Lyapkalo, Title Unknown

Victor Lyapkalo
Title Unknown

Albert Lynch, The Flower Girl

Albert Lynch
The Flower Girl

Ann Marshall, Title Unknown

Ann Marshall
Title Unknown

Thomas John Nash, Into Blue

Thomas John Nash
Into Blue

Xi Pan, Sweet August

Xi Pan
Sweet August

Fabian Perez, Balcony at Buenos Aires III

Fabian Perez
Balcony at Buenos Aires III

Ian Ramsay, Bedford, Pennsylvania

Ian Ramsay
Bedford, Pennsylvania

Corinne Reignier, Hilda

Corinne Reignier

Annick Redor, Amitiés Francophones

Annick Redor
Amitiés Francophones

Robert Reid, Blue and Yellow

Robert Reid
Blue and Yellow

Vladimir Ryabchikov, Title Unknown

Vladimir Ryabchikov
Title Unknown

Lilly Martin Spencer, Pealing Onions

Lilly Martin Spencer
Pealing Onions

Alfred Stevens, In Memoriam

Alfred Stevens
In Memoriam

William Strang, Portrait of Sylvia Parsons

William Strang
Portrait of Sylvia Parsons

Marta Syrko, Unknown Title

Marta Syrko
Unknown Title (photograph)

Svetlana Valuyeva, Unknown Title

Svetlana Valuyeva
Unknown Title

Reggianini Vittorio, An Unwelcome Guest

Reggianini Vittorio
An Unwelcome Guest

Antoine Watteau, Love in the French Theatre

Antoine Watteau
Love in the French Theatre

Aaron Allen Westerberg, Transition in Rose

Aaron Allen Westerberg
Transition in Rose

Siegfried Zademack, Title Unknown

Siegfried Zademack
Title Unknown

Anders Zorn, Title Unknown

Anders Zorn
Title Unknown

Stanislaw Rejchan, Portret Młodej Kobiety

Stanislaw Rejchan
Portret Młodej Kobiety

Albert Roelofs, The Ballerina

Albert Roelofs
The Ballerina

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