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Gallery 198
Paintings by Various Artists
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Michael Aldoshin, Farewell at the Train Station

Michael Aldoshin
Farewell at the Train Station

Anthony Armstrong, Cressidia

Anthony Armstrong

Casey Baugh, Évoquer

Casey Baugh

Casey Baugh, In White

Casey Baugh
In White

Alison Blickle, Perpetual Discontent

Alison Bickle
Perpetual Discontent

Nikolai Blokhin, Title Unknown

Nikolai Blokhin
Title Unknown

Nicholas Kornilevich Bodarevsky, Unknown Title

Nicholas Kornilevich Bodarevsky
Unknown Title

Wolfgang Böhm, The Italian Beauty

Wolfgang Böhm
The Italian Beauty

Georges Brasseur, The Umbrella

Georges Brasseur
The Umbrella

Hans Andersen Brendekilde, Vardag

Hans Andersen Brendekilde

Karl Briullov, Portrait of Ulyana Smirnova

Karl Briullov
Portrait of Ulyana Smirnova

Ramón Casas, Antes del Baño

Ramón Casas
Antes del Baño

Zoya Chernakova, Unknown Title

Zoya Chernakova
Unknown Title

Kinuko Y. Craft, Lady

Kinuko Y. Craft

Carl Emil Doepler, Odin among the Volsungs

Carl Emil Doepler
Odin among the Volsungs

Charles Dwyer, Title Unknown

Charles Dwyer
Title Unknown

Alexandra Exter, Title Unknown

Alexandra Exter
Title Unknown

William Russell Flint, The Heroes

William Russell Flint
The Heroes

Antonio Franchini, Heralding the Dawn

Antonio Franchini
Heralding the Dawn

Claude Gaveau, Nude with a Hat

Claude Gaveau
Nude with a Hat

Giacomo Favretto, Ettore Tito La Chiromante

Giacomo Favretto
Ettore Tito La Chiromante

Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson, Portrait of Romainville-Trioson 

Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson
Portrait of Romainville-Trioson

Boris Grigoriev, Cabaret Girl 

Boris Grigoriev
Cabaret Girl

Alban Grosdidier, Unknown Title 

Alban Grosdidier
Unknown Title

Emzar Habuliani, Unknown Title 

Emzar Habuliani
Unknown Title

Gwen John, Girl with Cat 

Gwen John
Girl with Cat

Emile Levy, The Love Letter 

Emile Levy
The Love Letter

Taras Loboda Title Unknown 

Taras Loboda
Title Unknown

Stojan Milanov, Unknown Title 

Stojan Milanov
Unknown Title

Alexandra Nedzvetskaya, Anastasia 

Alexandra Nedzvetskaya

Annick Redo, Ne pas déranger! 

Annick Redor
Ne pas déranger!

Vladimir Ryabchikov, Title Unknown 

Vladimir Ryabchikov
Title Unknown

Z.E.Serebryakova, Title Unknown 

Zinaida Serebryakova
Title Unknown

Georges Stein, Place de la Comédie 

Georges Stein
Place de la Comédie

Olga Sushkova, Unknown title 

Olga Sushkova
Unknown title

Guanbo Tang, Princess 

Guanbo Tang

Samuel Edmund Waller, The Arrival 

Samuel Edmund Waller
The Arrival

Brian Williams, Country Courtyard - Kyoto 

Brian Williams
Country Courtyard - Kyoto

Ellsworth Woodward, Title Unknown 

Ellsworth Woodward
Title Unknown

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