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Gallery 195
Paintings by Various Artists
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Wilhelm August Lebrecht Amberg,  Distant Thoughts

Wilhelm August Lebrecht Amberg
Distant Thoughts

John Dickson Batten, Sleeping Beauty

John Dickson Batten
Sleeping Beauty

Else Berg, Self Portrait

Else Berg
Self Portrait

Maurice Vlaminck, Wines, Liquors

Maurice Vlaminck
Wines, Liquors

Claire Bridge, Ravel and Unravel

Claire Bridge
Ravel and Unravel

Rupert Bunny,  Sweet Doing Nothing

Rupert Bunny
Sweet Doing Nothing

Michael Carson, Girl in Red Dress

Michael Carson
Girl in Red Dress

Giorgio de Chirico,  Self-Portrait with his Mother

Giorgio de Chirico
Self-Portrait with his Mother

Victor Gabriel Gilbert, Resting

Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Wilfred Gabriel de Glehn, Night

Wilfred Gabriel de Glehn

William Stanley Haseltine, Italian Boats, Venice

William Stanley Haseltine
Italian Boats, Venice

Albert Herter, Portrait of Bessie

Albert Herter
Portrait of Bessie

Gustave Leonard de Jonghe, Meditation

Gustave Leonard de Jonghe

Ramón Casas, Sister

Ramón Casas

Fulop Laszlo,  Baroness Emile d'Erlanger

Philip Alexius de Laszlo
Baroness Emile d'Erlanger

Lord Frederic Leighton
A Girl Feeding Peacocks

Jean Mannheim, Our Wisteria

Jean Mannheim
Our Wisteria

Henri Martin,  Couple d'amoureux

Henri Martin
Couple d'amoureux

Alberto Martini, Ritratto di Wally Toscanini

Alberto Martini
Ritratto di Wally Toscanini

Alfred Henry Maurer, Woman With a Pink Bow

Alfred Henry Maurer
Woman With a Pink Bow

Manuel Orazio, Nymph with Daffodils

Manuel Orazio
Nymph with Daffodils

John Everett Millais,  Kate Dolan in the Part of Portia

John Everett Millais
Kate Dolan in the Part of Portia

LeRoy Neiman, Can Can Dance

LeRoy Neiman
Can Can Dance

John Rawlings, Dressed for the Evening

John Rawlings
Dressed for the Evening

Paula Rego, Looking Out

Paula Rego
Looking Out

Marianne Stokes, A Rumanian Bridesmaid

Marianne Stokes
A Rumanian Bridesmaid

William Strang, The Japanese Fan

William Strang
The Japanese Fan

Vincent van Gogh, Garden of the Asylum

Vincent van Gogh
Garden of the Asylum

Irving R. Wiles, Brown Kimono

Irving R. Wiles
Brown Kimono

William Clarke Wontner, Elegant Beauty

William Clarke Wontner
Elegant Beauty

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