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Gallery 194
Paintings by Various Artists
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Giacomo Balla,  Portrait of Benedetta Marinetti

Giacomo Balla
Portrait of Benedetta Marinetti

Lauri Blank, Intermission

Lauri Blank

Lauri Blank, Madame Butterfly

Lauri Blank
Madame Butterfly

Frank Myers Boggs, Dordrecht Harbor with Shipping and Cathedral

Frank Myers Boggs
Dordrecht Harbor
with Shipping and Cathedral

Paul S. Brown, Still Life Olive Oil, Onions

Paul S. Brown
Still Life, Olive Oil, Onions

William Brymner, In the Orchard

William Brymner
In the Orchard

Cayetano de Arquer Buigas, Title Unknown

Cayetano de Arquer Buigas
Title Unknown

Vittorio Matteo Corcos
Waiting by the Fountain

Dusan Djukaric, Unknown Title

Dusan Djukaric
Unknown Title

Robert Doisneau, In Palm Springs 1960

Robert Doisneau
In Palm Springs 1960

Giovanni Fattori,  The Scolarina

Giovanni Fattori
The Scolarina

Nikolai Fechin, Woman with Cigarette

Nikolai Fechin
Woman with Cigarette

Leonor Fini,  Dimanche Apres-Midi

Leonor Fini
Dimanche Apres-Midi

Vincent Giarrano, Sleeping In

Vincent Giarrano
Sleeping In

Francisco de Goya. Arguing Cats

Francisco de Goya
Arguing Cats

Nicholas Gysis, The Spider

Nicholas Gysis
The Spider

Nicholas Gysis, Wishbone

Nicholas Gysis

Laura van den Hengel, Self Portrait

Laura van den Hengel,
Self Portrait

Karin Jurick, Al Fresco

Karin Jurick
Al Fresco

Karin Jurick, Lost at Sea

Karin Jurick
Lost at Sea

Jarosław Kubicki, Title Unknown

Jarosław Kubicki
Title Unknown

Henri Fantin-Latour, Autumn

Henri Fantin-Latour

Guido Marussig, The Fan and the Eyes

Guido Marussig
The Fan and the Eyes

Olga Naletova, Title Unknown

Olga Naletova
Title Unknown

Kenton Nelson, Before Instructing James

Kenton Nelson
Before Instructing James

Henry Roderick Newman, Anemonesnewman.htm

Henry Roderick Newman

William McGregor Paxton, The Shade Hat

William McGregor Paxton
The Shade Hat

Pablo Picasso, Olga Picasso, 1923

Pablo Picasso
Olga Picasso, 1923

Paula Rego, Germaine Greer

Paula Rego
Germaine Greer

Joël Rougié, Girls in autumn

Joël Rougié
Girls in autumn

Konstantin Somov, Costume Design

Konstantin Somov
Costume Design

Franz von Stuck, Salome II

Franz von Stuck
Salome II

Wayne Thiebaud,  Girl with Ice Cream Cone

Wayne Thiebaud
Girl with Ice Cream Cone

Elisabetta Trevisan, Rainbow Harpy

Elisabetta Trevisan
Rainbow Harpy

Dino Valls, Labyrinth

Dino Valls

Vasily Vereshchagin, Dervishes in Holiday Costumes, Tashkent

Vasily Vereshchagin
Dervishes in
Holiday Costumes, Tashkent

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