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Gallery 191
Paintings by Various Artists
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Edwin Austin Abbey,  Sir Galahad Discovering the Holy Grail

Edwin Austin Abbey
Sir Galahad Discovering the Holy Grail

Rolf Armstrong, Thinking of You

Rolf Armstrong
Thinking of You

Evert Jan Boks, Going into the World

Evert Jan Boks
Going into the World

Pierre-Auguste Cot, Ophelia

Pierre-Auguste Cot

Joseph DeCamp, Blue Mandarin Coat

Joseph DeCamp
Blue Mandarin Coat

Charles Édouard Delort, Les Noces Fontainbleau

Charles Édouard Delort
Les Noces Fontainbleau

Sacha Van Dorssen, Flannel

Sacha Van Dorssen

Eruven, Still Life

Still Life

Henri Fantin-Latour,  Queen of the Night

Henri Fantin-Latour
Queen of the Night

Alex Filatov, Unknown Title

Alex Filatov
Unknown Title

Rob Hefferan, Title Unknown

Rob Hefferan
Title Unknown

Nicholas Roerich Kalmakov, Labyrinth of Decadence

Nicholas Roerich Kalmakov
Labyrinth of Decadence

Jarosław Kubicki, Unknown Title

Jarosław Kubicki
Unknown Title

Brad Kunkle, The Quickening

Brad Kunkle
The Quickening

Ernest Joseph Laurent, A Seated Nude

Ernest Joseph Laurent
A Seated Nude

Laurence S. Lowry, Going to the Match

Laurence S. Lowry
Going to the Match

Sebastian Lucius, Mädchen im Profil

Sebastian Lucius
Mädchen im Profil

Liu Maoshan, La Friterie

Liu Maoshan
La Friterie

Edgar Maxence, Sérénité

Edgar Maxence

Richard Emil Miller,  Black Mantilla

Richard Emil Miller
Black Mantilla

Del Orfano, Finale

Del Orfano

Del Orfano, The Long Goodbye

Del Orfano
The Long Goodbye

Charles Sprague Pearce, Solitude

Charles Sprague Pearce

Nathalie Picoulet, Le petit turban bleu

Nathalie Picoulet
Le petit turban bleu

Nicholas Kornilovich Pimonenko, Title Unknown

Nicholas Kornilovich Pimonenko
Title Unknown

Anne Romby, Title Unknown

Anne Romby
Title Unknown

Herbert Schmalz, (aka John Wilson Carmichael), Zenobia

Herbert Schmalz,
(aka John Wilson Carmichael)

Alexander Shevelev, Unknown Title

Alexander Shevelev
Unknown Title

Charles Sims, Night Piece to Julia

Charles Sims
Night Piece to Julia

Elizabeth Sonrel, Unknown Title

Elizabeth Sonrel
Unknown Title

Franz von Stuck, The Sin

Franz von Stuck
The Sin

Elisabetta Trevisan, Barn Owls

Elisabetta Trevisan
Barn Owls

Leigh Viner, Love, Love, Love

Leigh Viner
Love, Love, Love

Edwin Lord Weeks, Sketch of Two Nautch Girls

Edwin Lord Weeks
Sketch of Two Nautch Girls

Irving R. Wiles, The Corner Table

Irving R. Wiles
The Corner Table

Roman Zaslonov, Endormie

Roman Zaslonov

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