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Gallery 189
Paintings by Various Artists
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Andrew Ameral, Portrait of Eva

Andrew Ameral
Portrait of Eva

Alexei Antonov, Rose in the Darkness

Alexei Antonov
Rose in the Darkness

Alice Pike Barney, Laura in Black

Alice Pike Barney
Laura in Black

Alexander Bartashevich, Untitled

Alexander Bartashevich

Paul-Albert Bartholomé, In the Greenhouse

Paul-Albert Bartholomé
In the Greenhouse

Alia El Bermani, Corset

Alia El Bermani

Antoine Blanchard, Arc de Triomphe

Antoine Blanchard
Arc de Triomphe

 Annick Bouvattier

 Annick Bouvattier
Title Unknown

Paul S. Brown, Orchids and Pigment

Paul S. Brown
Orchids and Pigment

Quint Buchholz, Untitled

Quint Buchholz

Vlahe Bukovca, Baroness Rukavina

Vlahe Bukovca
Baroness Rukavina

Eduard_Charlemont, A Drink for the Drummer

Eduard Charlemont
A Drink for the Drummer

Albert Edelfelt,  Portrait of a Young Lady

Albert Edelfelt
Portrait of a Young Lady

Ana Teresa Fernandez, Telaraña (Cobweb)

Ana Teresa Fernandez
Telaraña (Cobweb)

Antoine-Jean Gros, Madame Pasteur

Antoine-Jean Gros
Madame Pasteur

Francine van Hove, The Flowery Meadow

Francine van Hove
The Flowery Meadow

Karin Kneffel, Ski Lift

Karin Kneffel
Ski Lift

Ernest Joseph Laurent, Femme a sa Toilette

Ernest Joseph Laurent
Femme a sa Toilette

Jeremy Lipking, Portrait of Sheryl Guerroro

Jeremy Lipking
Portrait of Sheryl Guerroro

Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta, Preparing for the Costume Ball

Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta
Preparing for the Costume Ball

Sergey Marshennikov, Title Unknown

Sergey Marshennikov
Title Unknown

Valerie Maugeri, Collage

Valerie Maugeri

Gustave Moreau, Arabian Poet

Gustave Moreau
Arabian Poet

Julius Pinkas Pascin, The Wizard of Reality

Julius Pinkas Pascin
The Wizard of Reality

Auguste Emile Pinchart, The Amulet

Auguste Emile Pinchart
The Amulet

Andrew G. Podshivalov, Title Unknown

Andrew G. Podshivalov
Title Unknown

Jozsef Rippl-Rona, Woman with a China-Cup

Jozsef Rippl-Rona
Woman with a China-Cup

Alessandra Roberti, Due Amici

Alessandra Roberti
Due Amici

Tom Roberts, Coming South

Tom Roberts
Coming South

Z.E.Serebryakova, Portrait of a ballerina A.D. Danilova

Zinaida Serebryakova
Portrait of a Ballerina A.D. Danilova

Michael Sowa, The Broken Paw

Michael Sowa
The Broken Paw

Felix Vallotton,  Woman with a Black Hat

Felix Vallotton
Woman with a Black Hat

Dan Voinea, Paso Doble

Dan Voinea
Paso Doble

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