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Gallery 188
Paintings by Various Artists
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Edmond François Aman-Jean, Portrait of a Woman

Edmond François Aman-Jean
Portrait of a Woman

Teodor Axentowicz, Dama w Parku

Teodor Axentowicz
Dama w Parku

Karol Bak, Motif

Karol Bak

Aldo Balding, Title Unknown

Aldo Balding
Title Unknown

Allan R. Banks, Autumn Whispers

Allan R. Banks
Autumn Whispers

Alexander Bartashevich, Title Unknown

Alexander Bartashevich
Title Unknown

Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Aicha, a Woman of Morocco

Frederick Arthur Bridgman
Aicha, a Woman of Morocco

Michael Sowa, Flying Penguins

Michael Sowa
Flying Penguins

James Christensen, A Place of her Own

James Christensen
A Place of her Own

Timothy J. Clark, Water Carrier Rhythms

Timothy J. Clark
Water Carrier Rhythms

Leon François Comerre, Portrait of Suzanne Hudelo

Leon François Comerre
Portrait of Suzanne Hudelo

Alfred Courmes, La Ferme Flamande

Alfred Courmes
La Ferme Flamande

Charles Demuth, Lancaster

Charles Demuth

Léon de Smet, In the Garden

Léon de Smet
In the Garden

Sir Frank Dicksee, The Ball

Sir Frank Dicksee
The Ball

Diane Britton Dunham, Sea Island Ladies

Diane Britton Dunham
Sea Island Ladies

Delphin Enjolras Unknown Title

Delphin Enjolras
Unknown Title

Ali Esmaeilipour,  Bongo and Lulu

Ali Esmaeilipour
Bongo and Lulu

Nikolai Fechin,  Portrait of Duane

Nikolai Fechin
Portrait of Duane

Eric Fischl, The Evacuation of Saigon

Eric Fischl
The Evacuation of Saigon

William Russell Flint, Gift of Gladioli

William Russell Flint
Gift of Gladioli

Victoria Francés, Ravens

Victoria Francés

Mariya Konstaninovna Bashkirtseva, Self-Portrait

Mariya Konstaninovna Bashkirtseva

Emile Friant, Jeune Nancienne dans un paysage de neige

Emile Friant
Jeune Nancienne dans
un paysage de neige

Vincent Giarrano, Unknown Title

Vincent Giarrano
Unknown Title

Victor Gabriel Gilbert, La Moisson

Victor Gabriel Gilbert
La Moisson

Victor Gabriel Gilbert, Marche aux Fleurs

Victor Gabriel Gilbert
Marche aux Fleurs

Francisco Xavier Gose, Pareja de Paseo

Francisco Xavier Gose
Pareja de Paseo

Zeng Hao, Title Unknown

Zeng Hao
Title Unknown

Francesco Hayez, Carolina Zucchi

Francesco Hayez
Carolina Zucchi

Paul-Cesar Helleu, Portrait De Femme

Paul-Cesar Helleu
Portrait De Femme

Donna Cassaro Hughes, Unknown Title

Donna Cassaro Hughes
Unknown Title

Francisco Infante-Arana, Mirrors

Francisco Infante-Arana

Arthur Rackham, The Rhinegold and The Valkyrie

Arthur Rackham
The Rhinegold and The Valkyrie

Fredèric Soulacroix, Title Unknown

Fredèric Soulacroix
Title Unknown

Franz von Stuck, Dancers

Franz von Stuck

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