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Gallery 187
Paintings by Various Artists
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Tina Berning, Title Unknown

Tina Berning
Title Unknown

Edson Campos, Nightfall

Edson Campos

Ramón Casas, Title Unknown

Ramón Casas
Title Unknown

Théodore Chassériau, Les Deux Soeurs

Théodore Chassériau
Les Deux Soeurs

Gregory Colbert, Tranquility

Gregory Colbert

Christine Comyn, Title Unknown

Christine Comyn
Title Unknown

Samuel Melton Fisher, Asleep

Samuel Melton Fisher

William Powell Frith, The Fair Toxophilites

William Powell Frith
The Fair Toxophilites

Daniel F. Gerhartz, Beautiful Woman

Daniel F. Gerhartz
Beautiful Woman

Antoine-Jean Gros, Portrait of Madame Bruyere

Antoine-Jean Gros
Portrait of Madame Bruyere

René Gruau, Illustration for Diorling Perfume

René Gruau
Illustration for Diorling Perfume

Winslow Homer, The Red Canoe

Winslow Homer
The Red Canoe

Wassily Kandinsky, Several Circles

Wassily Kandinsky
Several Circles

Yanni Kim, Botanical Garden

Yanni Kim
Botanical Garden

Per Kirkeby, Beatus-Apokalypse

Per Kirkeby

Arsen Kurbanov, Girl in a White Shawl

Arsen Kurbanov
Girl in a White Shawl

Taras Loboda, Title Unknown

Taras Loboda
Title Unknown

Gyuri Lohmulle, Late

Gyuri Lohmulle

Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta, Portrait Of Aline Masson Leaning on a Sofa

Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta
Portrait Of Aline Masson
Leaning on a Sofa

Valerie Maugeri, Great Love

Valerie Maugeri
Great Love

Tony Pavone, Sensuality

Tony Pavone

Bart Julius Peters, Title Unknown

Bart Julius Peters
Title Unknown

Robert Vonnoh, Bessie Potter Vonnoh at Her Dressing Table

Robert Vonnoh
Bessie Potter Vonnoh
at Her Dressing Table

Valentine Cameron Prinsep, At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away

Valentine Cameron Prinsep
At the First Touch of Winter,
Summer Fades Away

Violett Queen, Expectation

Violett Queen

Vicente Romero Redondo, Title Unknown

Vicente Romero Redondo
Title Unknown

Georges Antoine Rochegrosseles, L'Esclave et le Lion

Georges Antoine Rochegrosseles
L'Esclave et le Lion

Herbert Schmalz,(aka John Wilson Carmichael), The Red Parasol

Herbert Schmalz,
(aka John Wilson Carmichael)
The Red Parasol

Viktor Schramm, A Perfect Scent (aka “Dame im blauen Kleid”)

Viktor Schramm
A Perfect Scent
(aka “Dame im blauen Kleid”)

Z.E.Serebryakova, Shoots of autumn crops

Zinaida Serebryakova
Shoots of Autumn Crops

Max Slevogt, The Dancer Marietta di Rigardo

Max Slevogt
The Dancer Marietta di Rigardo

Gertrude S. Spaller, Woman Seated

Gertrude S. Spaller
Woman Seated

Wim Visscher, Title Unknown

Wim Visscher
Title Unknown

George Frederick Watts, Portrait of Eveleen Tennant

George Frederick Watts
Portrait of Eveleen Tennant

Todd A. Williams, Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Todd A. Williams
Bridge of Sighs, Venice

Lagorio Lev Yusupov, Unknown Title

Lagorio Lev Yusupov
Unknown Title

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