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Gallery 186
Paintings by Various Artists
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Lemuel Francis Abbott, Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson

Lemuel Francis Abbott
Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson

Peter Nicolai Arbo, Ingeborg

Peter Nicolai Arbo

M Cristina Baracchi, Ferma per un attimo

M Cristina Baracchi
Ferma per un Attimo

Gunnar Berndtson, Summer

Gunnar Berndtson

Eugène Boudin, Market at Trouville

Eugène Boudin
Market at Trouville

Frederick Arthur Bridgman,  La Siesta

Frederick Arthur Bridgman
La Siesta

Karl Albert Buehr,  A Pledge of Love

Karl Albert Buehr
A Pledge of Love

Carybé (Héctor Julio Páride Bernabó), Title Unknown

Carybé (Héctor Julio Páride Bernabó)Title Unknown

Natalia Nikolaevna Dik, Title Unknown

Natalia Nikolaevna Dik
Title Unknown

Dominique Fortin, Unknown Title

Dominique Fortin
Unknown Title

Nicolae Grigorescu,  Primavara

Nicolae Grigorescu

Arthur Hacker, The Girl in White

Arthur Hacker
The Girl in White

Edward Samuel Harper, Great Expectations

Edward Samuel Harper
Great Expectations

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Madame Jacques-Louis Leblanc

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Madame Jacques-Louis Leblanc

Carlos Isidro, La Galana, Guerrillera de La Mancha

Carlos Isidro,
La Galana, Guerrillera de La Mancha

Isaac Israëls, At The Scala Cafe

Isaac Israëls
At The Scala Cafe

Andrei Kartashov, Unknown title

Andrei Kartashov
Unknown Title

Maria Kitano, Yellow Bird

Maria Kitano
Yellow Bird

Andre Kohn, Anniversary

Andre Kohn

Arsen Kurbanov, Girl with a Trumpet

Arsen Kurbanov
Girl with a Trumpet

Carl Larsson, Lisbeth Fishing

Carl Larsson
Lisbeth Fishing

Edwin Long, Nouzhatoul-âouadat

Edwin Long

Albert Lynch,  Portrait of a Countess (Lady with a Fan)

Albert Lynch
Portrait of a Countess

Maria O'Neill, Unknown Title

Maria O'Neill
Unknown Title

Fabian Perez, Luciana at Calles de San Telmo

Fabian Perez
Luciana at Calles de San Telmo

Gerhard Richter, Small Bather

Gerhard Richter
Small Bather

Peggi Kroll Roberts, Sunny Conversation

Peggi Kroll Roberts
Sunny Conversation

Giulio Rosati, Choosing the Finest

Giulio Rosati
Choosing the Finest

Jam-San, Title Unknown

Jam San
Title Unknown

Carlos Schwabe, The Death of the Grave-Digger

Carlos Schwabe
The Death of the Grave-Digger

Everett Shinn, Signs of Spring

Everett Shinn
Signs of Spring

Marie Louise Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, Lady Hamilton as Ariadne

Marie Louise Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun
Lady Hamilton as Ariadne

Alexei Zaitsev, Title Unknown

Alexei Zaitsev
Title Unknown

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