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Gallery 185
Paintings by Various Artists
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Elizabeth  Allen-Cannon, At Bay

Elizabeth Allen-Cannon
At Bay

Henry Bacon, First Sight of Land

Henry Bacon
First Sight of Land

Thomas Hart Benton, The Wreck of the Ole 97

Thomas Hart Benton
The Wreck of the Ole 97

Ramón Casas, Retrato de Julia Peraire o La Sargantaine

Ramón Casas
Retrato de Julia Peraire o La Sargantaine

Gustave Courbet. Hammock

Gustave Courbet

Frank Cadogan Cowper, Mariana in the South

Frank Cadogan Cowper
Mariana in the South

John Steuart Curry, Tornado

John Steuart Curry

Charles Édouard Delort, A Voluptuous Smoke

Charles Édouard Delort
A Voluptuous Smoke

Sir Frank Dicksee, Portrait of Elsa, Daughter of William Hall

Sir Frank Dicksee
Portrait of Elsa,
Daughter of William Hall

Carolus Duran,  Portrait of Anna Obolenskaya

Carolus Duran
Portrait of Anna Obolenskaya

Albrecht Dürer, Troiana Iris (Detail)

Albrecht Dürer
Troiana Iris (Detail)

Albert Edelfelt, Chez l’ Artiste

Albert Edelfelt
Chez l’ Artiste

Rogelio de Egusquiza, Sigmonde et Sieglinde

Rogelio de Egusquiza
Sigmonde et Sieglinde

Roger Fry, Portrait of Edith Sitwell

Roger Fry
Portrait of Edith Sitwell

Francisco de Goya, Condesa de Chinchon

Francisco de Goya
Condesa de Chinchon

Arthur Hacker,  In Jeopardy

Arthur Hacker
In Jeopardy

Francis Coats Jones, The Gentle Angler

Francis Coates Jones
The Gentle Angler

Friedrich August von Kaulbach, Portrait of Elizabeth Feodorovna

Friedrich August von Kaulbach
Portrait of Elizabeth Feodorovna

Lisa Lala, Title Unknown

Lisa Lala
Title Unknown

George Lambert, Miss Helene Beauclerk

George Lambert
Miss Helene Beauclerk

Jules-Joseph Lefebvre, Graziella

Jules-Joseph Lefebvre

Edwin Long, Woman Carrying a Basket Full of Pomegranates

Edwin Long
Woman Carrying a Basket
Full of Pomegranates

Juan Medina, Secret Freedom

Juan Medina
Secret Freedom

William Sidney Mount, Horse Dealers

William Sidney Mount
Horse Dealers

Elizabeth Peyton, Self-Portrait

Elizabeth Peyton

Jarek Puczel, Lovers

Jarek Puczel

Lou Ros, Title Unknown

Lou Ros
Title Unknown

Z.E.Serebryakovoy,  Girl with a candle, Self-Portrait

Zinaida Serebryakova
Girl with a candle, Self-Portrait

Anna Silivonchik, Unknown Title

Anna Silivonchik
Unknown Title

John Maxwell Steele, Green Tree

John Maxwell Steele
Green Tree

Sergio Toppi, Sharaz-De

Sergio Toppi

Luc Tuymans, Wandeling

Luc Tuymans

Jacob Van Loon, Unknown Title

Jacob Van Loon
Unknown Title

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