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Gallery 183
Paintings by Various Artists
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Edwin Austin Abbey, Castle of the Maidens

Edwin Austin Abbey
Castle of the Maidens

John Quincy Adams, Luise Eisne

John Quincy Adams
Luise Eisne

Alexander Bartashevich, Music

Alexander Bartashevich

Trish Biddle, Simple Pleasures

Trish Biddle
Simple Pleasures

Sir Frank Dicksee, Portrait of the Hon. Mrs Ernest Guinness

Sir Frank Dicksee
Portrait of the
Hon. Mrs Ernest Guinness

John Duncan, Study for St. Bride

John Duncan
Study for St. Bride

Eric Fischl, Truman Capote In Hollywood

Eric Fischl
Truman Capote In Hollywood

Emile Friant, La petite barque

Emile Friant
La petite barque

Vincent Giarrano, Japanese Girl

Vincent Giarrano
Japanese Girl

Francisco Xavier Gose, Unknown Title

Francisco Xavier Gose
Unknown Title

Louis Hayet, The Double Bass

Louis Hayet
The Double Bass

Paul-Cesar Helleu, La Duchesse de Marlborough, Consuelo Vanderbilt

Paul-Cesar Helleu
La Duchesse de Marlborough,
Consuelo Vanderbilt

Donna Cassaro Hughes, Elizabeth

Donna Cassaro Hughes

Gustave Jean Jacquet, Wistful

Gustave Jean Jacquet

Jared Joslin, Green Gloves

Jared Joslin
Green Gloves

Andrea Kowch, Unexpected Company

Andrea Kowch
Unexpected Company

Yitao Liu Title Unknown

Yitao Liu
Title Unknown

Kirsty Mitchell, From the Series, "Wonderland"

Kirsty Mitchell
From the Series, "Wonderland"

Sir William Orpen, The Eastern Gown 

Sir William Orpen
The Eastern Gown

Chen Chong Ping, Title Unknown 

Chen Chong Ping
Title Unknown

Stanislav Plutenko, Twosome 

Stanislav Plutenko

Paul-Francois Quinsac, A Beauty in Violet 

Paul-Francois Quinsac
A Beauty in Violet

Danielle Richard, Titulo Répere 

Danielle Richard
Titulo Répere

William Clarke Wontner, Safie

William Clarke Wontner

Z.E.Serebryakovoy, Title Unknown 

Zinaida Serebryakova
Title Unknown

Alexander Vasilyevich Shevchenko, Title Unknown 

Alexander Vasilyevich Shevchenko
Title Unknown

Auguste Toulmouche, The Admiring Glance

Auguste Toulmouche
The Admiring Glance

Ira Tsantekidou, Lady in Blue 

Ira Tsantekidou
Lady in Blue

John Dawson Watson, Woman with a Fan 

John Dawson Watson
Woman with a Fan

Amano Yoshitaka, Title Unknown 

Amano Yoshitaka
Title Unknown

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