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Gallery 180
Paintings by Various Artists
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Emma van Biervliet, Karachi to the Karakorum

Emma van Biervliet
Karachi to the Karakorum

Nicholas Byrne, Accent Support

Nicholas Byrne
Accent Support

Olive Cotton, Unknown Title

Olive Cotton
Unknown Title

Minh Dam, Pho Hanoi

Minh Dam
Pho Hanoi

Maurice Denis, Sur la Plage

Maurice Denis
Sur la Plage

Alois Erdtelt, Head of a Girl

Alois Erdtelt
Head of a Girl

Paul Gustave Fischer, The Flower Market

Paul Gustave Fischer
The Flower Market

Paul Gustave Fischer, The Bathers

Paul Gustave Fischer
The Bathers

Pavel Guzenko, Unknown Title

Pavel Guzenko
Unknown Title

Ron Hicks, We've Got Each Other

Ron Hicks
We've Got Each Other

Sanya Kantarovsky, Shower

Sanya Kantarovsky

Rudolf Koller, The Gotthard Post

Rudolf Koller
The Gotthard Post

Masha Kurbatova, Segni e Sogni

Masha Kurbatova
Segni e Sogni

Miki Leal, a la Espera

Miki Leal
a la Espera

Patti Lean, Heartsease Pansies

Patti Lean
Heartsease Pansies

Cynthia Markert, Four Women

Cynthia Markert
Four Women

Robin Mason, Cottage on Horn Head

Robin Mason
Cottage on Horn Head

Noela Mills, One Bossy Gander

Noela Mills
One Bossy Gander

Sarah Moon, Title Unknown

Sarah Moon
Title Unknown

Michelle Muldrow, Searching Light

Michelle Muldrow
Searching Light

Samuel Edmund Oppenheim, Girl in Field

Samuel Edmund Oppenheim
Girl in Field

Paul W Ruiz, Endangered Species IV

Paul W Ruiz
Endangered Species IV

Mary Stanislavovna, Petersburg Gazette

Mary Stanislavovna
Petersburg Gazette

Sander Steins, Untitled

Sander Steins

Roxanne Evans Stout, Sending Love

Roxanne Evans Stout
Sending Love

Sage Vaughn, Unknown Title

Sage Vaughn
Unknown Title

Marta Wakula-Mac, Title Unknown

Marta Wakula-Mac
Title Unknown

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