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Gallery 179
Paintings by Various Artists
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Siegfried Anzinger. Unknown Title

Siegfried Anzinger
Unknown Title 

Verena Baumann, Wind

Verena Baumann

Shari Blaukopf, Blue Spruce

Shari Blaukopf
Blue Spruce

Katherine Bowling, Snow

Katherine Bowling

Philip M. Buller, Vulnerability

Philip M. Buller

Sergey Cherkasov, Unknown Title

Sergey Cherkasov
Unknown Title

Timothy J. Clark, Workshop of Ray Small

Timothy J. Clark
Workshop of Ray Small

Timothy J. Clark,  Artist on Hill

Timothy J. Clark
Artist on Hill

Stanley Goldstein, Fountain

Stanley Goldstein

Tae Hwang, Fan Blowing

Tae Hwang
Fan Blowing

Zhou Jun, Title Unknown

Zhou Jun
Title Unknown

Shelley Kommers, The Shopkeeper's Secret

Shelley Kommers
The Shopkeeper's Secret

Shelley Kommers, Unknown Title

Shelley Kommers
Unknown Title

Yuri Konstantinov, The Night Still-life at the Sea

Yuri Konstantinov
The Night Still-life at the Sea

Steven LaRose, ExGest 3

Steven LaRose
ExGest 3

Steven LaRose, Art Class, 102

Steven LaRose
Art Class, 102

Valentina De Matha, Empty Veins

Valentina De Matha
Empty Veins

Stojan Milanov, Unknown Title

Stojan Milanov
Unknown Title

Tessa Newcomb, Climbing the Ladder

Tessa Newcomb
Climbing the Ladder

Xi Pan, Unknown Title

Xi Pan
Unknown Title

Stephen Pentak, Untitled

Stephen Pentak

Yelena Polenova, Title Unknown

Yelena Polenova
Title Unknown

Tiel Seivl-Keevers, Misty Spring

Tiel Seivl-Keevers
Misty Spring

T. F. Simon, Staromestske Namesti in Winter

T. F. Simon
Staromestske Namesti in Winter

T. F. Simon, Parisian Flower Sellers

T. F. Simon
Parisian Flower Sellers

William Strang, The Buffet

William Strang
The Buffet

Sarah Walton, Old Ladies' Dogs

Sarah Walton
Old Ladies' Dogs

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