Bert Christensen's
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Gallery 178
Paintings by Various Artists
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Amber Alexander, Tiny Bird

Amber Alexander
Tiny Bird

Carolyn Anderson, Winter Trees

Carolyn Anderson
Winter Trees

Federigo Andreotti,The Love Letter

Federigo Andreotti
The Love Letter

Casey Baugh, Backlit

Casey Baugh

Christine Bowen, Templenoe Hare 2

Christine Bowen
Templenoe Hare 2

Lionel Bulmer, Footpath in the Snow

Lionel Bulmer
Footpath in the Snow

Dean Cornwell, Unknown Title

Dean Cornwell
Unknown Title

Eduardo Anievas Cortinese

Eduardo Anievas Cortinese
Longing of You

Anna Davanzo, Abstract Painting Home1

Anna Davanzo
Abstract Painting Home1

Fleur Deakin, Title Unknown

Fleur Deakin
Title Unknown

Charles Dwyer, Hillary

Charles Dwyer

Elliott Hundley, Title Unknown

Elliott Hundley
Title Unknown

Helen Ellis, Two Swallows

Helen Ellis
Two Swallows

Annamaria Germani, Still Life

Annamaria Germani
Still Life

Elizabeth Haines, Looking Thro'

Elizabeth Haines
Looking Thro'

Don Hong-Oai, Unknown Title

Don Hong-Oai
Unknown Title

Erica Hopper, Sidewalk Poet

Erica Hopper
Sidewalk Poet

Anita Klein, Unknown Title

Anita Klein
Unknown Title

Bela Kondor, St Peter and a Woman I

Bela Kondor
St Peter and a Woman I

Gary Korlin, Morning stroll, French Alps

Gary Korlin
Morning stroll, French Alps

Gary Korlin, Girl on a Railing

Gary Korlin
Girl on a Railing

Brad Kunkle, Unknown Title

Brad Kunkle
Unknown Title

Grace Munakata, June Birds

Grace Munakata
June Birds

Jean-Francois Provost, Title Unknown

Jean-Francois Provost
Title Unknown

Carlos Schwabe, Elysian Fields

Carlos Schwabe
Elysian Fields

Eileen Soper, Piano Practise

Eileen Soper
Piano Practise

Anne Penman Sweet, Ice Road

Anne Penman Sweet
Ice Road

Gregory Thielker, McGrath Highway

Gregory Thielker
McGrath Highway

Lesser Ury, Couple Walking in the Woods

Lesser Ury
Couple Walking in the Woods

Colley Whisson, Spring Sunlight

Colley Whisson
Spring Sunlight

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