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Gallery 177
Paintings by Various Artists
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Abbey Altson, Unknown Title

Abbey Altson
Unknown Title

Albert Anker, Der Dorfschneide

Albert Anker
Der Dorfschneide

Albert Aublet, Jeune Tunsienne

Albert Aublet
Jeune Tunsienne

Alice Pike Barney, Kate Deering Ridgely

Alice Pike Barney
Kate Deering Ridgely

Alexandre Cabanel, Patricienne de Venise

Alexandre Cabanel
Patricienne de Venise

Alexander Calder, Unknown Title

Alexander Calder
Unknown Title

Ron Di Scenza, Title Unknown

Ron Di Scenza
Title Unknown

Camilla M.Drakenborg, Celtic Lady
Camilla M.Drakenborg
Celtic Lady

Edmund Dulac, Dreamer of Dreams

Edmund Dulac
Dreamer of Dreams

Alfred East, Ploughing

Alfred East

Géza Farago, Slim Woman with a Cat

Géza Farago
Slim Woman with a Cat

Eugene Galien-Laloue, Along the Seine River

Eugene Galien-Laloue
Along the Seine River

Aleksander Gierymski, Jewish Woman Selling Oranges

Aleksander Gierymski
Jewish Woman Selling Oranges

Alfred Gockel, Fun in the Sun I

Alfred Gockel
Fun in the Sun I

Adolph Gottlieb, Burst

Adolph Gottlieb

Alexei Harlamoff, Portrait of a Young Woman

Alexei Harlamoff
Portrait of a Young Woman

Frederick H. Kaemmerer, Woman in a Masquerade Costume Looking in a Mirror

Frederick H. Kaemmerer
Woman in a Masquerade Costume Looking in a Mirror

Antropov Kuindzhi, Ladoga Lake

Antropov Kuindzhi
Ladoga Lake

Eugenia Kyriakopoulou, Harp

Eugenia Kyriakopoulou

Edmund Blair-Leighton, Lilac

Edmund Blair Leighton

Albert Lynch, Elegante

Albert Lynch

Henri Meunier, Unknown Title

Henri Meunier
Unknown Title

Adrien Moreau, Une Mascarade au XVII Siecle

Adrien Moreau
Une Mascarade au XVII Siecle

Victor Ostrovsky, The House

Victor Ostrovsky
The House

Vladimir Pervuninsky, Unknown Title

Vladimir Pervuninsky
Unknown Title

Maria Shcherbinina, Venice

Maria Shcherbinina

Irene Sheri, Lovely Ladies

Irene Sheri
Lovely Ladies

Ivan Slavinski,Queen of All Colours

Ivan Slavinski
Queen of All Colours

Alfred Stevens, Ready for the Ball

Alfred Stevens
Ready for the Ball

Thomas Sully, Portrait of the Artist Painting His Wife

Thomas Sully
Portrait of the Artist Painting His Wife

Vincent van Gogh, Two Cut Sunflowers

Vincent van Gogh
Two Cut Sunflowers

Shulamith Wulfing, The Queen

Shulamith Wulfing
The Queen

Alexei Zaitsev, Indian Summer

Alexei Zaitsev
Indian Summer

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