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Gallery 173
Paintings by Various Artists
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Catrin Arno, Her Garden

Catrin Arno
Her Garden

Alexander Averin, Confidence...

Alexander Averin

Alexander Bartashevich, Uniknown Title

Alexander Bartashevich
Uniknown Title

Agnolo Bronzino, Ritratto di Lucrezia de' Medici

Agnolo Bronzino
Ritratto di Lucrezia de' Medici

Ryan S. Brown, Cassandra

Ryan S. Brown

Frederick Sands Brunner, Title Unknown

Frederick Sands Brunner
Title Unknown

George de Forest Brush, A Celtic Huntress

George de Forest Brush
A Celtic Huntress

Alexei Butirskiy, Passage Home

Alexei Butirskiy
Passage Home

Vittorio Matteo Corcos, Title Unknown
Vittorio Matteo Corcos
Title Unknown

Eugène Delacroix, Mademoiselle Rose

Eugène Delacroix
Mademoiselle Rose

Francisco de Goya, The Dog

Francisco de Goya
The Dog

Albert Herter, The Bouvier Twins

Albert Herter
The Bouvier Twins

Donna Cassaro Hughes, Portrait XII

Donna Cassaro Hughes
Portrait XII

Gustave Kaitz, Spiritus

Gustave Kaitz

Andrius Kovelinas, Miguel Angel

Andrius Kovelinas
Miguel Angel

Helena Lam, Lady in Peach

Helena Lam
Lady in Peach

Constantine Lizogub, Title Unknown

Constantine Lizogub
Title Unknown

Chen Yan Ning, Title Unknown

Chen Yan Ning
Title Unknown

Mel Odom, Party Mask

Mel Odom
Party Mask

Misti Pavlov, In the Morning Sunlight

Misti Pavlov
In the Morning Sunlight

Gretchen Woodman Rogers, Woman in a Fur Hat

Gretchen Woodman Rogers
Woman in a Fur Hat

Alexander Roslin, Lady with cape

Alexander Roslin
Lady with cape

Z.E.Serebryakovoy, Title Unknown

Zinaida Serebryakova
Title Unknown

Viktor Sheleg, Dialektika bruzg

Viktor Sheleg
Dialektika bruzg

Aleksandr Starodubov, Title Unknown

Aleksandr Starodubov
Title Unknown

Hedda Sterne, Self Portrait

Hedda Sterne
Self Portrait

Franz von Stuck, Tilla Durieux as Circe

Franz von Stuck
Tilla Durieux as Circe

Francois Xavier Winterhalter, Portrait of Tatyana Yusupova

Francois Xavier Winterhalter
Portrait of Tatyana Yusupova

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