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Gallery 171
Paintings by Various Artists
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Charles C. Curran, Ladies on a Hill

Charles C. Curran
Ladies on a Hill

Marcel Nino Pajot, Title Unknown

Marcel Nino Pajot
Title Unknown

David B. Milne, 42nd Street Library

David B. Milne
42nd Street Library

James Wilson Morrice, The Promenade, Dieppe

James Wilson Morrice
The Promenade, Dieppe

Shinji Nakabori, Title Unknown

Shinji Nakabori
Title Unknown

Mel Odom, Still Life with Woodpecker

Mel Odom
Still Life with Woodpecker

William McGregor Paxton, The Sisters

William McGregor Paxton
The Sisters

Charles Sprague Pearce, Woman of the Directoire

Charles Sprague Pearce
Woman of the Directoire

Edward Henry Potthast, Boating in Central Park

Edward Henry Potthast
Boating in Central Park

Hovsep Pushman, A  Girl of Barcelona

Hovsep Pushman
A Girl of Barcelona

Arthur Rackham, Fairy

Arthur Rackham

Edward Willis Redfield, Canal at Lambertville+

Edward Willis Redfield
Canal at Lambertville

Granville Redmond, Winter Morning

Granville Redmond
Winter Morning

Robert Reid, The Mirror

Robert Reid
The Mirror

Charles Reiffel, Hills and Houses

Charles Reiffel
Hills and Houses

Arthur Grover Rider, Mission San Juan Capistrano

Arthur Grover Rider
Mission San Juan Capistrano

René Rimbert,  1946 n°129 l'orphelinat des soeurs

René Rimbert
1946 n°129 l'orphelinat des soeurs

Nicholas Roerich, Mountain Peaks

Nicholas Roerich
Mountain Peaks

Guy Rose, On the River++

Guy Rose
On the River

Harry Herman Roselandan, Important Letter

Harry Herman Roseland
Important Letter

Cesar Santos, In the White Bed

Cesar Santos
In the White Bed

Wilhelm Sasnal, Resort 1

Wilhelm Sasnal
Resort 1

Raymond Savignac, Ne fumez pas, n'enfumez pas

Raymond Savignac
Ne fumez pas, n'enfumez pas

Georges Seurat, Lady with a Monkey

Georges Seurat
Lady with a Monkey

Ben Shahn, Blind Botanist

Ben Shahn
Blind Botanist

Everett Shinn, Window Shopping

Everett Shinn
Window Shopping

Ivan Shishkin, Wild

Ivan Shishkin

Paul Signac, Sunday

Paul Signac

Nicola Simbari, La Belle Aux Mediterranee

Nicola Simbari
La Belle Aux Mediterranee

Sandy Skoglund, Squirrels at the Drive-in

Sandy Skoglund
Squirrels at the Drive-in

Eric Sloane, Marsh

Eric Sloane

Michael Sowa, The Great Spring Tide of 1858

Michael Sowa
The Great Spring Tide of 1858

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