Bert Christensen's
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Gallery 166
Paintings by Various Artists
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Lesser Ury, Cafe Bauer

Lesser Ury
Cafe Bauer

Michelle Wise, Mess of Stripes

Michelle Wise
Mess of Stripes

Arturo Gordon Vargas, Dama Abanic

Arturo Gordon Vargas
Dama Abanic

Arusha Votsmush, unknown

Arusha Votsmush

Fabrice De Villeneuve, At the Cafe

Fabrice De Villeneuve
At the Cafe

Jacek Yerka, Express Delivery

Jacek Yerka
Express Delivery

Ranulph D. Bye, Weissport, Pennsylvania

Ranulph D. Bye
Weissport, Pennsylvania

Edouard Vuillard, The Visitor

Edouard Vuillard
The Visitor

Ewelina Wrona, Summer Afternoon

Ewelina Wrona
Summer Afternoon

Felix Vallotton, The Family of Trees

Felix Vallotton
The Family of Trees

Elihu Vedder, The Pleiades

Elihu Vedder
The Pleiades

Leon Jan Wyczolkowski, Japanese
Leon Jan Wyczolkowski

Leonard Campbell Taylor, Patience

Leonard Campbell Taylor

Andrew Winter, Seguin Island Light

Andrew Winter
Seguin Island Light

Mike Worrall, Pink Shirt

Mike Worrall
Pink Shirt

Miguel Vicens, Waiting

Miguel Vicens

Morgan Weistling, Sonia

Morgan Weistling

Richard Young, Exquisite Reflection

Richard Young
Exquisite Reflection

Robert Wade, The Sanitorium, St Remy

Robert Wade
The Sanitorium, St Remy

Luciano Ventrone, Untitled Nud

Luciano Ventrone
Untitled Nude

William Whitaker, Steamer Trunk

William Whitaker
Steamer Trunk

Tadahiro Uesug, Unknown Title

Tadahiro Uesug
Unknown Title

Thomas Woodruff, Sourpuss in Utopia

Thomas Woodruff
Sourpuss in Utopia

Max Weber, New York

Max Weber
New York

Theodore Wendel, Girl Seated by a Pond

Theodore Wendel
Girl Seated by a Pond

Witold Wojtkiewicz, Orka 

Witold Wojtkiewicz

Emanuel de Witte, Interior of the Oude Kerk 

Emanuel de Witte
Interior of the Oude Kerk

Jeff Rowland, A Brief Encounter 

Jeff Rowland
A Brief Encounter

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