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Gallery 163
Paintings by Various Artists
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Pauline Campanelli, Pewter Collection

Pauline Campanelli
Pewter Collection

Gary Carter, High Card for Kansas City

Gary Carter
High Card for Kansas City

James Chapin, Ruby Green Singing

James Chapin
Ruby Green Singing

Jamie Chase, Threshold

Jamie Chase

Emile Claus, Portrait of Anna de Weert

Emile Claus
Portrait of Anna de Weert

Kathleen Clement, Reflections

Kathleen Clement

Sir William Coldstream, Reclining Nude

Sir William Coldstream
Reclining Nude

Jean-Baptiste Comeau, Une Journee Ordinaire

Jean-Baptiste Comeau
Une Journee Ordinaire

Robert Cook, New Horizon

Robert Cook
New Horizon

Thomas Couture, Female Head

Thomas Couture
Female Head

Miguel Covarrubias, Sally

Miguel Covarrubias

Penni Anne Cross, The Quilt Makers

Penni Anne Cross
The Quilt Makers

Edward Cucuel, Wood Nymph

Edward Cucuel
Wood Nymph

Maurice Cullen, Moret Winter

Maurice Cullen
Moret Winter

Donald Curley, Chere Maman

Donald Curley
Chere Maman

Aelbert Cuyp, Cattle in a River

Aelbert Cuyp
Cattle in a River

Walter Lofthouse Dean, On the Deep Sea

Walter Lofthouse Dean
On the Deep Sea

George Dedoyard , Projection

George Dedoyard

Alexander Deineka, Collective Farm Girl on Bicycle

Alexander Deineka
Collective Farm Girl on Bicycle

Henri Delavallee, Path In the Sun

Henri Delavallee
Path In the Sun

Jean Delville, Parsifal

Jean Delville

Eugene Demakov, Masks

Eugene Demakov

Luc Deschamps , A Day in March, Montreal

Luc Deschamps
A Day in March, Montreal

Jean-Claude Desplanques, Relaxation

Jean-Claude Desplanques

Jean-Guy Desrosiers, Tantot le crepuscule

Jean-Guy Desrosiers
Tantot le crepuscule

Katherine Dinger, Secretary

Katherine Dinger

Peter Doig, Reflection

Peter Doig

Jan Marinus Domela, Monhegan Island

Jan Marinus Domela
Monhegan Island

Maurice Domingue, Vermont

Maurice Domingue

Judy Drew, Symphony in Red

Judy Drew
Symphony in Red

Serge Dubreuil, Unknown

Serge Dubreuil
Unknown title

Dianne Massey Dunbar, Corn Dogs and Nachos

Dianne Massey Dunbar
Corn Dogs and Nachos

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