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Margarita Accurso

Margarita Accurso, Glimmer
Virginia Norris Adolph

Almost Sequential Composition with Three Colored Doors in Palma
Virginia Norris Adolph, Almost Sequential Composition with Three Color Doors in Palma
Gerda-Maria Ahlm

Fishing in Chicago
Gerda-Maria Ahlm, Fishing in Chicago
Johannes Akkeringa

Playing on the Beach
Johannes Akkeringa, Playing on the Beach
George Ames Aldrich

Normandy River Landscape
George Ames Aldrich, Normandy River Landscape
Joseph Alleman

The Companion
Joseph Alleman, The Companion
Kai Althoff

Pink Man
Kai Althoff, Pink Man
Natan Altman

Self Portrait
Natan Altman, Self Portrait
Tarsila do Amaral

Central Railroad of Brazil
Tarsila do Amaral, Centra Railroad of Brazil
Karl Anderson

The Idlers
Karl Anderson American, The Idlers
Sophie Anderson

Sophie Anderson, Birdsong
David Maitland Armstrong

Store on the Erie Canal
Armstrong, David Maitland, Store on the Erie Canal
Lise Auger

dans le jardin
Lise Auger, dans le jardin
Perry Austin

Panama Perla
Perry Austin, Panama Perla

Ètude pour le Rêve I
Balthus, Ètude pour le Rêve I
Allan R. Banks

Woman in a Purple Dress
Allan R. Banks, Woman in a Purple Dress
Paul Baum

View of the Rhine
Paul Baum, View of the Rhine
James Carroll Beckwith

An American Queen
James Carroll Beckwith, An American Queen
Jean Béraud

A Morning Stroll
Jean Béraud, A Morning Stroll
Georgy Nikolaevitsh Bibikov

Balloon "Osoaviachim"
Georgy Nikolaevitsh Bibikov, Balloon "Osoaviachim"
Anna Bilinska-Bohdanowiczowa

At the Seashore
Anna Bilinska-Bohdanowiczowa, At the Seashore
Ernst Billgren

Missed Fox
Ernst  Billgren, Missed Fox
Oscar Bluhm

In the Pergola
Oscar Bluhm, In the Pergola
Arnold Böcklin

Nymphs Bathing
Arnold Böcklin, Nymphs  Bathing
C. Curry Bohm

Sudden Blizzard
C. Curry Bohm, Sudden Blizzard
Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli, Primavera
Sandro Botticelli

Primavera detail
Sandro Botticelli, Primavera detail
George Kennedy Brandriff

Sunday Breakfast
George Kennedy Brandriff, Sunday Breakfast
Jan de Bray

Singing Girl
Jan de Bray, Singing Girl
John Leslie Breck

Grey Day on the Charles
John Leslie Breck, Grey Day on the Charles
Hendricus Petrus Bremmer

Landscape with House
Hendricus Petrus Bremmer, Landscape with House
John George Brown

John George Brown, Courting
William Blair Bruce

Sur l'Epte, Giverny
William Blair Bruce, Sur l'Epte, Giverny
George M. Bruestle

A Wayside
George M. Bruestle, A Wayside
Will Bullas

The Year of the Dog
Will Bullas, The Year of the Dog