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Paolo Uccello

St. George and the Dragon
Paolo Uccello, St. George and the Dragon
Félix Vallotton

The Wind
Félix Vallotton, The Wind
Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely, Vega-Zett-2
Fernand Verhaegen

Fernand Verhaegen, Flowers
Floris Verster

Floris Verster, Evening
Vincent Vidal

Young Lady Saying the Rosary
Vincent Vidal, Young Lady Saying the Rosary
Louis C. Vogt

Louis C. Vogt, Untitled
Clark Voorhees

My Garden
Clark Voorhees, My Garden
Edouard Vuillard

Madame Arthur Fontaine
Edouard Vuillard, Madame Arthur Fontaine
Frank Wadsworth

The Horseless Carriage
Frank  Wadsworth, The Horseless Carriage
Fred Wagner

Canal at Lumberville
Fred Wagner, Canal at Lumberville
Sharyne E Walker

The Crimson Palette
Sharyne E Walker, The Crimson Palette
Arthur Wardle

Greyhounds in Chase of a Rabbit
Arthur Wardle, Greyhounds in Chase of a Rabbit
Margaret Techeng Ware

Margaret Techeng Ware, Flamenco
Florence Ellen Ware

Breakfast in the Garden
Florence Ellen Ware, Breakfast in the Garden
Abel Warshawsky

Poplars Near Vernon
Abel Warshawsky, Poplars Near Vernon
Richard Gibson Wedderspoon

Summer Peace
Richard Gibson Wedderspoon, Summer Peace
Adriaen van der Werff

Maria van der Werff the Daughter
Adriaen van der Werff, Maria van der Werff the Daughter
Bessie Hoover Wessel

Old Fashioned Roses
Bessie Hoover Wessel, Old Fashioned Roses
William Whitaker

The Performer
William Whitaker, The Performer
Jan Hillebrand Wijsmuller

Washing at the Sluice
Jan Hillebrand Wijsmuller, Washing at the Sluice
Irving R. Wiles

Miss Julia Marlowe
Irving R. Wiles, Miss Julia Marlowe
Petr Vil'iams

Portrait of Meyerhold
Petr Vil'iams, Portrait of Meyerhold
Franz Xavier Winterhalter

Portrait of Madame Barbe de Rimsky-Korsakov
Franz Xavier Winterhalter, Portrait of Madame Barbe de Rimsky-Korsakov
William Wolk

English Ivy
William Wolk, English Ivy
Edith Carter Wood

Morning Ride
Edith Carter Wood, Morning Ride
Archibald Stuart-Wortley

Miss Tombs
Archibald Stuart-Wortley, Miss Tombs
Mary Wrinch

Snow Magic
Mary Wrinch, Snow Magic
Xi Pan

Afternoon Tea
Xi Pan, Afternoon Tea
Karl Yens

My Kate
Karl Yens, My Kate