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Sergey Marshennikov

Sleeping Beauty
Sergey Marshennikov, Sleeping Beauty
Martin Mijtens Senior

Anna Maria Ehrenstrahl Gripsholm
Martin Mijtens Senior, Anna Maria Ehrenstrahl  Gripsholm
Raphael Montpetit

Lumiere bigaree
Raphael Montpetit, Lumiere bigaree
Gustave Moreau

Gustave Moreau, Salome
Henry Mosler

Buying the Wedding Trousseau
Henry Mosler, Buying the Wedding Trousseau
Nasser Ovissi

Nasser Ovissi, Sultana
Sung-Tae Park

Morning Trumpet
Sung-Tae Park, Morning Trumpet
Emanuel Aage Petersen

A Coastal View, Greenland
Emanuel Aage Petersen, A Coastal View, Greenland

Lady with a Basket of Spindles
Pontormo, Lady with a Basket of Spindles
Aline Porter

By the Screen Door
Aline Porter, By the Screen Door
Mattia Preti

Mattia Preti, Vanity
Scott Prior

Powell Street
Scott Prior, Powell Street
Zbigniew Pronaszko

Formist Nude
Zbigniew Pronaszko, Formist Nude
Hovsep Pushman

Hovsep Pushman, Narcissa
Paul Ranson

Two Nudes
Paul Ranson, Two Nudes
Joseph Raphael

Old Mill Pond
Joseph Raphael, Old Mill Pond
Danielle Richard

Avec le temps
Danielle Richard, Avec le temps
Edouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter

The Harem Dancer
Edouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter, The Harem Dancer
Claudette Rinfret

Claudette Rinfret, Romanesque
William Ritschel

Fishermen's Horses
William Ritschel, Fishermen's Horses
Tom Roberts

The Sunny South
Tom Roberts, The Sunny South
Dorothea Rockburn

White Angel #2
Dorothea Rockburn, White Angel #2
Graeme Ross

Graeme Ross, Unknown
Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of Susanna Lunden
Peter Paul Rubens, Portrait of Susanna Lunden
Carl Schaefer

Moon Over the Don Jail
Carl Schaefer, Moon Over the Don Jail
Richard Schmid

Spring Thaw
Richard Schmid, Spring Thaw
Henrik Simonsen

Poppies II
Henrik Simonsen, Poppies II
David Alfaro Siqueiros

El Botero
David Alfaro Siqueiros, El Botero
Jeanette Pasin Sloan

Mercado Stripes
Jeanette Pasin Sloan, Mercado Stripes
John Sloan

Wake of the Ferry
John Sloan, Wake of the Ferry
Joseph Smith

Child of Hell
Joseph Smith, Child of Hell
Raphael Soyer

After the Bath
Raphael Soyer, After the Bath
Julius L. Stewart

Quiet Day on the Seine
Julius L.Stewart, Quiet Day on the Seine