"The Storm"
Toronto, January 1999
Amber the Greyhound fights her way reluctantly through the snow wearing her fleece-lined coat.

Unless her need is very great she simply refuses to go out.

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Not a good day to have dinner out on the patio; the view from our living room.

January 15 Update:
The chairs are now completely covered.
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The view from our front door - that's the road! from_front.JPG (30906 bytes)
Erik shovels snow from the driveway. erik_snow.JPG (14449 bytes)
Enough is enough already!
A big plowing job for such a small truck!
The view on our street.

This picture was taken when we had about 75 centimetres (about 30 inches) of snow. Since then we have had another 45 centimetres (18 inches.) Toronto's average January snowfall is 35 centimetres (about 14 inches.)

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Preparing to dig out parked cars on Lee Avenue in the Beaches area.

Photo from
The Toronto Globe & Mail
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A Bison armoured personnel carrier brought to Toronto to aid in the snow emergency.
Photo from:
The Toronto Globe & Mail
Toronto Streetcars

Photo by
The Toronto Globe & Mail
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Bert and Amber stay out of the snow and the cold.

The temperature went down to -26 degrees celsius (-17 degrees Fahrenheit) with a wind chill of -45 degrees celsius (-50 degrees Fahrenheit)

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