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René Magritte
Belgian, 1898 - 1967
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The Oasis The Oasis
Discovery Discovery
The Great War The Great War
The Empty Picture Frame The Empty Picture Frame
Time Transfixed Time Transfixed
The Red Model II The Red Model II
The Six Elements The Six Elements
Homage to Mack Sennett Homage to Mack Sennett
Donna Donna
Perspective, The Balcony Perspective, The Balcony
Popular Panorama Popular Panorama
Castle in the Pyrenees Castle in the Pyrenees
The False Mirror  Castle in the Pyrenees 
The Gradation of Fire The Gradation of Fire  
Homesickness  Homesickness  
The Son of Man  The Son of Man  
High Society  High Society  
The Dangerous Liaison  The Dangerous Liaison  
The Blank Cheque  The Blank Cheque  
The Happy Hand  The Happy Hand  
Perspective: David's Madame Recamier Perspective: David's Madame Recamier 


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