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Jean Galt
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Jean Galt was born in Toronto, Canada and educated at Central Technical School and at the University of Toronto. She is now retired from a career as a commercial artist in the publishing industry. Jean has painted all her life and has exhibited widely. She hopes her paintings will help others enjoy the natural environment as she does. Jean has been a member of the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto for  many years. You can contact her at Jean Galt
Roadside Colours Roadside Colours
Golden Birch Trunk Golden Birch Trunk
Frosting Frosting
Golden Leaves Golden Leaves
Beached Logs Beached Logs
City Greenery City Greenery
Sumac Hedge Sumac Hedge
Winter Sunset Winter Sunset
Golden Rod and Sumac Golden Rod and Sumac
Peggy's Cove Peggy's Cove
Swampland Swampland
Sunflowers Sunflowers
Tall Spruces Tall Spruces
Snow Sculpture Snow Sculpture
Fall Brilliance Fall Brilliance
Autumn Splendor Autumn Splendor
Bulrushes Bullrushes
Hidden Stream Hidden Stream
Jack Pine and Laurentian Hills Jack Pine and Laurention Hills
Outcropping  Outcropping  
Over the Fence  Over the Fence  
Sunset Sunset  


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