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Frank Weston Benson
American, 1862 - 1951
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Black Hat Black Hat
Portrait in White Portrait in White
Portrait of Mary Sullivan Portrait of Mary Sullivan
My Daughter Elisabeth My Daughter Elisabeth
Still Life Still Life
Girl Playing Solitaire Girl Playing Solitaire
An Open Window An Open Window
The Reader The Reader
Girls in the Garden Girl in the Garden
My Daughter Frank Weston Benson, My Daughter
Eleanor Eleanor
Flight of Swans Flight of Swans
Figure in White Figure in White
Red and Gold Red and Gold
Girl in Red Shawl Girl in Red Shawl
Lily Pond Lily Pond
The Sunny Window The Sunny Window
Against the Sky Against the Sky
Rainy Day Rainy Day
Portrait of My Daughters Portrait of My Daughters
By Firelight By Firelight
Sunshine and Shadow Sunshine and Shadow
Woman in a Blue Kimono Woman in a Blue Kimono
Mary Sullivan Mary Sullivan


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