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 Jesse aka Rascal
I am Jesse but they call me Rascal because I am always getting into trouble. I was born on February 25, 2011. I am a Sealpoint Siamese and I really enjoy living here with Juno and Jake and, of course my humans. Juno and I chase after each other and play fight. I am very vocal and my people think that I speak in whole sentences. My special person is Louise and I like to sleep in her lap. I get along quite well with that huge Jake who even lets me eat some of his food. If I get too rambunctious he just gives a little bark and I know to back off a little.

With Jake
Playing with Juno

Watching baseball 

Juno is a brown tabby born in 2007. She likes running around, playing with Rascal and looking out the windows at birds, squirrels and raccoons. Her tail curves up over her back. She was in a pound for several months and is glad to have a good home. She gets on very well with Jesse and Jake. She likes to sleep in small cosy places.

Juno in box


Ella is a fawn Pug born on April 19, 2018. After Daisy died we were not going to have another dog but we soon changed our minds. We bought Ella from a youmg man who had to move to a pet-free apartment. She developed an eye infection which required the removal of her right eye but it certainly doesn't seem to worry her. She is a rambunctious pup who loves to run around and sometimes get into trouble. She has bonded to Louise and follows her around. Ella is seen on the right looking out our patio door with her friend, Juno. A bright and happy dog.

Ella and Juno
Jake 1 Jake 2
Jake 3 Jake 4

We were going to wait a decent mourning period for Amber before getting another greyhound, but this dear fellow came along, needing a home. We had half­jokingly said we wanted a large light­coloured male because Amber had been a small dark female and we didn’t want to be constantly comparing them. When Bill Coven of Greyhound Rescue and Adoption in Ingersol (near London, Ontario) called and said he had a laid back, fawn­coloured male, we decided that day to drive down and bring him home.
Jake, born May 24 2005 is a huge dog at 80 pounds (Amber was 55), the colour of a lion, with dark points. We had a few dominance issues with him at the start (he snarled at us when we tried to get him off our bed!), but the same fantastic man who taught Amber how to walk up the stairs one at a time, Danno Schut, came and taught us how to help him calm down and remind him who’s boss. He’s been with us a few weeks now and he’s just a sweetheart. Jake is “our” dog, all three of us. Amber was always lovingly fond of all of us, but she was Louise’s dog and it made her so sad that when she went out, anywhere, any time, she sat in the hall and waited for her. Jake is everyone’s dog.
We have found a place to run him within 15 minutes of the house, a large empty field, completely fenced, where he can just take off and go. We found his history on the Internet. He ran 140 races, won 35 and came in second in 20. You can read about Jake under his racing name Silver Chestnut. Check out his racing history.

Sadly, Jake died on August 29 2016 of bone cancer. He is very much missed. He was 11

 In June of 2013, I came to live with Bert and Louise and the cats and Jake. I am a little black pug, name of Daisy. Louise had fallen in love with my twin sister, Gracie, at the studio where she takes tap dance lessons, and when my owners decided to find me a new loving home (because there were just too many pugs there!), Gracie’s mom showed my picture to Louise and she immediately fell head over heels in love with me and said, “We’ll take her!” I hear my people telling friends that I fit right into the household. I soon learned it was not nice to chase the big kittycats. I would love to play with Jake but he’s a greyhound and doesn’t know how to play like “real” dogs do. People do say sometimes that I’m not a real dog because I’m so funny and small and sometimes more cat-like than dog. They also say I’m a little bundle of love and guess that is true because as a pug I was bred for centuries to be a lap dog and a companion dog. I even go with Jake to Greyhound Day at Norwood Park where I fearlessly run with the big hounds. They don’t scare me!

Daisy died in April 2018
Amber was a brindle female greyhound born December 25, 1996. She was bred to be a racer but she just didn't have enough drive to be a winner. She lost all the races she was in and, in her last race, she just sat down on the track and refused to run any more.

Sadly, Amber passed on on May 9, 2009. She will be missed and always remembered.

Max was a dark gray, male, Domestic Short­Hair born on October 14, 1994.

He was very gregarious and liked to make friends with anyone who came into the house and liked to move from one person to the next to get petted.

Sadly, Max died in June 2009 of old age.

Blue. was a female, Bluepoint Siamese born on August 20, 1993. She came to live with her family in October 1993 on the day that the Toronto Blue Jays won their second World Series. Her full name was Blue Jo because it was Joe Carter who hit the game winning home run.

Although she liked all the family, she was just crazy over Bert. She liked him to carry her around and hold her on his shoulder. If he was busy, she just yelled at him until he picked her up. She often slept in his in­box on a shelf above his computer. If the box got too full, she simply picked up some of the paper with her teeth and threw it on the floor. She cried when he went out.  

Sadly, Blue died of old age on Easter morning 2011.

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