Blue, Max and Amber Get Letters
Date: 4/16/07

Name: Mr Man

Subject: beauty and the fun life

message: Hi.  I'm Mr Man.  I am an especially beautiful blue (seal?) point siamese.  I'm incredibly spoiled and pretty much have taught my people all they need to know.  I was suppose to be an indoor cat, but I was loud enough for long enough that they just decided to let me out to explore the world.  Wow.  Life is good.  I, like you, have a dog mate that is cautious around me.  I used to have a bunny that smacked me around, but one day the people found him in a rather stiff position on the lawn.  (And they blamed the dog!!!).  Nice chatting, but I have to get off this thing before the people come in.  Mr. Man
My name is Luna and I am a lilac point Rag doll. mY favorite Persons name is Melanie and we are writting to tell you how much we like your site. I think Cats should have more websites. Lord knows I enjoy looking through websites when I'm beings pet on Melanie's lap. one question .. whats it like without all that fur. I have tons.. Email me if you likeLuna J,
Subject: my cat

message: Hi! My name is Chubs. <-- from Adam Sandler movies. I am an 8 year old (born as) male cat. I am very spoiled by "mama's" (well deserved). I was abandoned as a baby and was given a good home by an ad in the paper. Through a year of medical issues and trauma - I had many procedures and am now deemed the "million dollar kitty". I am sure I will break the billion dollar mark by getting her to buy me new things =)I have a brother - Ozzy, although he is of the canine species, I hide it from mama's that we are always conspiring against her and whispering new motives to eachother to trip her or make sure she is sleep deprived.
Date: Dimanche 15 octobre 2006

Name: Michèle Parrot

Subject: Cats and Dogs

message: Hey ! you guys,  Blue and Max, try to be nice with Amber.  She's harmless, and was probably unhappy as a puppy.  I've seen those races in Florida, it's inhuman.  And bless you, Laurie, for rescueing her.MichèleP.S. I wonder if all those accents make it through the web.
my name is mystic I am a beautiful white cat who loves my family I wanted to tell you hello. I have beautiful blue eyes who you would fall in love with
Hey Blue
I am a male 1/2 Siamese - 1/2 white persian. I am completely white, and I have beautiful blue eyes. I am also deaf, but who would ever guess, because I am very verbal. I'm incredibly smart and tolerant too, if I must say so myself. I am the only male in a house full of girls, so it is a good thing I have tolerance going for me. The gals of the house recently brought a new kitten into the fold...her name is Sophie and she is a pain in the neck. Emma is the beagle; she is okay, I guess. I am the only pet allowed into the Princess' bedroom, where I sit on her bed while she reads Harry Potter. Emma is like having a calf in the house; everybody says so but for some reason they like her. Sophie is cute but doesn't have my brains. I'm the boss around here, but sometimes I suspect they just let me think so.

Good Morning ...

Mom found your web site simply by following links looking for recipes - and yes your Dad's recipes are very weird - unfortunately she won't be using any. She is sending the jellied moose nose recipe to a friend that has a home in Maine - about 45 minutes from the Canadian border - lots of moose up their. Perhaps they will want to try it - yuk. We live with my mom (we never knew our daddy - he died before mom brought us home). After mom lost dad, she still had her precious shiht tzu (?) Princess Chantilly Lace and she was not going to have any pets again. She was missing pets - friends talked her into cats - at first she said no no no no NO CATS. She came to see us when we were 3 weeks young - she really wanted a silly Maine Coon - thought she had really done some great research. She wanted a fat cat that was fuzzy. Well - owner let us out of kennel, tiny that we were - fat cat just stayed back - I was aggressive (Cookies) and climbed up her arm - she kept removing me - I did leave tiny prints - and said I was cute but she didn't want an ordinary black cat (really - I have a white under neck and white breast and white paws - ordinary - I don't think so). She told the owner that she would take my brother Cream (guess we had different fathers). I must look like my dad - Cream looks like mom - she was a pure bread siamese - and has eyes as Cream does like Blue - blue eyes on a cat - come on - I have bewitching green eyes. So we were put back in the kennel - but not before I climbed onto mom's arm once more - clinging for my new home I hoped. She left - and on the way home she told her friend that took her to visit us - okay I will take two - so here we are three years later. We were born in Connecticut - and mom moved us to Mississippi last year. What an experience - she was moving in June but was concerned it would be tooooo hot and we could not travel (had to go baggage) - so her daughter - our Aunt Carla - came from New York to get us - went on the ferry crossing the Long Island Sound and the chauffeur came two days later to drive us to Kennedy Airport - there we were put on a plane and flown to Memphis, TN - hope we never have to do that again.
We traveled well - our Uncle Shelley picked us up - went to his home and met
Aunt Dorothy and our two cousins - I latched onto Aunt Dorothy right away because she didn't seem to have a buddy - Sarah and hmmmm can't think of his name - were definitely partial to the children and Uncle Shelley seemed to be just a fixture - not sure what Cream was thinking. I slept with Aunt Dorothy - and stayed on her bed most of the day while she was at work. That was the end of April - Mom would call and let us hear her voice - it made her feel good and I know she missed us - but I was frankly quite settled in with Aunt Dorothy. When Mom finally came to Memphis
I still was partial to Aunt Dorothy - I know it hurt her feelings because she has said so many times she was so sorry that she said at first I couldn't go home with her - I slept with her from day one - on top of her head and sometimes my position was that my feet were hanging down her forehead and she had to move them to watch TV while in bed - oh well - was not my problem - I needed to be comfortable. Well we finally moved to Mississippi - I missed Aunt Dorothy so much - it is only 20 minutes and I have often thought of running to her - I am declawed (another story and I can tell you Mom cried for several days about that - she should - it HURT) - so I don't ever go outside - couple of times I was quick - but that strange feel of grass slowed me down and Mom (thankfully) was able to catch me. Aunt Dorothy visits often - it will be a year this month that we are in our own home again. Mom loves being here becasue we are near my three aunts Dorothy, Cindy and Mary Catherine - Aunt Carla in New York with her family will be relocating here in June of 2006 - if they don't change their mind. Aunt Cindy has an office cat - I am not sure whether Mr. Leo gets paid - but he is at her beautiful office every day - on the long weekends or if she is on vacation - can you believe Mom lets him come to our home. You see Aunt Cindy's husband, Uncle John, doesn't let her bring him home.
He is here this weekend and I can tell you I have reminded him of his limits - just let him try and get on Mom's bed or sit beside her - he will leave on Tuesday morning. I know Mom thinks I am being ridiculous writing this - but I thought you guys were pretty cute - Mom had a few minutes waiting for a friend to pick her up - will close now and hope you guys stay well and frisky.

... and my brother Cream

PS I just realized Cookeis was at my computer - really what a smart cat.


Dear Beautiful Cats and Gorgeous Amber. My Mom fosters orphan kittys from our local shelter.My sister and I are both adopted. I,m a very pretty calico dilute, and everyone tells me I,m very sweet and pretty. My name is Blossom. My sister Poohcat is not very nice. Mom said she was traumatized. She lived in Jersey City and the elderly man she lived with died and she was left alone with him for a week.It  took a week for him to be discovered. She had to drink water out of a toilet.."GAG".. and then she was sent to shelters with other orphans. Than someone nice had her altered and took her to the pet store on adoption day.            Luckily Mom went there and saw Poohcat and adopted her. The lady said she was a Tonkinese, But she has yellow eyes, not aqua. We all love her and have to have alot of patience because she is very "swatty" and growls like a dog.She really is a bit of a pickle, but we figure eventually she,ll figure out that we are all nice and be happier. I also have 3 canine siblings.Two Pomeranians and 1 Papillion. Autumn is the smallest at 3 lbs and was born without a proper bottom jaw.She is sort of orange. She,s sort of a drooly dog and has no teeth. The next biggest is Gabriella. She,s 4lbs. all black and very spoiled . She bosses Mom around. The biggest is Ditsy Bitsy. She barks at everyone and everything. She gets everyone in the house yelling SHUT-UP !!!!!                                                      Thank you for showing us your favorite art and sharing your story with us. We all had a good  laugh reading it.    Your Cyber Pals,Blossom ,Poohcat,Autumn,Gabriella, and Bitsy. Oh and a special hello from Moms 4 foster kittys. Oh ,,,I forgot to tell you. Uncle George has an adopted greyhound too ! Her name isGorgeous and she is a pretty fawn color. Isn,t that neat? She goes fishing in Florida with my uncle.                                                                                                                           

Dear Blue & Max, 

       My mom is on line and she is trying to find info on how to get me to stop peeing on her bed, When she leaves for a night. See I am a 1 yr Burmese cat, and my mom is getting ready to 20. She got me before I was weaned. I started this after we moved here, and I seen Nana and papas' dog Neko pee on the floor. I get so upset when mommy leaves. I know that she is making money for us. But I discipline her anyways. She is lovely, beautiful, sweet and the best mom in the whole world.This is my first email I ever wrote, See like u all I once had another cat around but Old Terra was a tabby, she was mean to me, but she was only tuffing me up. She once made me  have immediate eye surgery. We had a fight and I lost have of one of my 3rd eyelids. But Mommy had her since she was 5 yrs old. Terra died of old age, and heart failure. I loved her and miss her. I also have 4 dogs to put up with. 1 Maltese, Neko . He and I are buddies, he is also a year old . just a couple of months older than I. The their is the big dog, Zheves is a Siberian Huskies, She is 5 yrs old and she is perfect, but I am scared of the big dogs and some what jealous of her. We have the same moms. Then there is the twins Alaskan Huskies, Santana , and Sativa, they are 3 yrs old and all 3 of them are a pack of wolves who chases other animals up a tree, But my cousin JJ . This Lil boy is 6 and he is evil(Family, Mommy's nephew) He tried to kill me this winter by shoving me off this back deck in to a big backyard with theses 3 dogs and they kept me warm and protected me through out the night until Zheves showed Uncle Nick were I was. But I would Luv to hear from y'all and maybe give my mom some advise on me. I do luv her, But advise on  how to get me to stop peeing on her bed. Thank you. Hope to get to know y'all 

Love ,

Hi Blue and Max!    I'm so glad I found your site again. My human mom--she's Canadian like you--doesn't name her cats, so we use our real names. My name is Snowball, even though I'm not white any more. I look like a Siamese except I'm fluffy and I have cute stripes instead of dark fur at my ends. Once my human mom thought my big puffy tail was another cat! Ha ha. My eyes are turquoise.   

  I live with my hillbilly family. I'm not sure which one is my mother, because Mama Cat and Little Girl (whose real name is Clawdia) had kittens at the same time and they both looked after all of us. Some kittens moved away and poor Spot, who was entirely black, died. So now it's just me and Mama and Clawdia and my brother (or maybe uncle or nephew) Alley Cat. I'm the cutest. I can tell because my human mom calls me dumb nicknames like Fuffy and Kootie. I admit I'm not very bright. I can't even retract my claws, and I mew like a kitten even though I'm over a year old. I'm the only cat who gets brushed, because the other cats have short hair. My human mom calls brush time brushies. Maybe she's not very bright either.

    All of us help with the laundry and other outside chores. We'd hate to live indoors, but we wish we could be allowed in to do a little redecorating. Too bad our human dad is a grump. At least he buys cat food and sometimes gives us human food after he swears a bit.     We do sneak into the porch at least once a day to sharpen our claws. There are hundreds of trees on our property but they aren't the right kind.

    My human mom likes the weird art and other stuff. She was sad about the LLB lady who cried though. Guess what. Two bears threw the barbecue down the hill and dragged a bag of cat food out of the porch.

  Your friend in West Virginia, Snowball

Oh, Blue, I can imagine how you felt when you fell into the bathtub one day.  Cats are very dignified; you are very dignified. 
My cat, Michon Peruna (Trouble-Trouble, or Double Trouble) loved to walk around my tub.  One day he fell into the bubble bath, clawed his way out of the tub as best he could, and then sat there looking terribly angry, with a blob of bubbles on his head! 
He was also a Siamese who imitated my facial expressions.  He couldn't raise his eyebrow (which I did at him) but he would lower his left ear and look over his shoulder at me quite disdainfully.  You might want to add that to your repertoire. 
Very nice visiting you.  I hope you are doing well.  I can't have any pets where I am but I found a wonderful home for my lovely friends, all five of them.   
I am attaching a picture of one of them for you.  His real name is Smokey but when he tries to clean his tummy, he must prop himself up in the corner because he is so fat!  I try not to laugh at him because he is a very dignified cat.
My name is PATCHES, but my mistress calls me  PRETTYGIRL or PUSSKIT most of the time.  I was a barn cat, but my mistress' granddaughter knew that my mistress had  to euthanize (whatever that is) her longtime friend cat   and she was lonely, so  my residence was switched.  I am  no longer an outside cat because of the traffic's too bad here, but I live a good life.  Plenty of food and care and I also learned to be top cat when a friend's Italian greyhound came to visit.  No snoopy dogs around ME! One swat and she keeps a respectful distance.  I even curl up in a chair to sleep with my back toward her, because I know I'm safe!   I also am allowed to sleep at the foot of my mistress' bed.  I follow her around from room to room when she's doing things around the house.  Sometimes she changes rooms too fast and then I give up and lie down on the floor in the way.  Another annoying habit she has is to stay up all hours twiddling on a bunch of little pieces that don't make any real sounds -- and does this much too late maybe until 2 or 3 in the morning -- on those days she takes a nap -- the nap times are what I like!  That bed is so comfortable and I try my best by speaking to her and trying to lead her to the bedroom to go to bed at a proper hour.  Some nights I'm successful By the way, my name indicates my color!  And only females  are so colored.  I'm not just a Calico, but a tortoiseshell, which means flecks of gold among the dark patches, and half my nose is black, so I'm very special!  Now you know more than you wanted to know!  My mistress will sign this for me.  Rosalie NR Baltimore, MD
Today we had two small quakes. I slept trough both of them. My Mistress chooses to live smack dab on the St. Andreas Fault. I don't complain. Mice are plentiful here. In California we have Blue Jays who are so smart that they come when my Mistress calls me to come in from the fields. Occasionally she will write a poem -- a little biographical study of my life and manners. Here is a sample that you might enjoy: 

"Love, that's quickly understood by gentle souls." 

Let me get this straight 
you're late or you stand me up altogether, 
you come home simply to bathe and sleep 
and what's more, 
dismissing my inquiries with a wan shrug, 
you eat and run out without a backward glance 
and then, suddenly, 
a bouquet of dead mice on my doorstep, 
gray feathers from careless, decrepit birds, 
and, as I finally nod off, 
ciao cara, a serenade, con tanto amore. 
because, as Dante said, 
Amor, che al cor gentil ratio s' apprende 


Ever loving 


Hi Blue,

I just looked at your site and was blown away.  My name is also is also Blue except I'm a male cat.  I live in L.A. California.  I am about 4 years old right now.  I come when my master whistles, I was a dog in a previous life.  I really enjoy mousing which I can do plenty of, since my residence is in a public gardens, waterfalls, a pond (with cool fish) etc.

There are a lot of raccoons where I live so I have a magnet around my neck so I am the  only one at night who can go in my cat door, which is in the Garden grounds maint. dept. (I had a lot of problems of skunks and raccoons eating my food in the past)

Oh, another thing I found funny in your site.  You have a dog named Amber on your site.  I have been getting in fight regularly with a female cat named Amber where I live.  My master and Ambers master are not too happy about this.  Actually Amber just recently went to the hospital because of a recent fight we had.  If you or your master have any ideas of what Amber and I can do to stop this fighting, special electronic collars etc, without being restricted too much please let me know.  I need some help with this.

Again, I really enjoyed your website.  It looks like your master loves animals just like mine.

Blue responds:

Hi Blue,

You are a big bruiser aren't you? Max and I are indoor cats and never get outside so we don't get into fights. One of the cats that lived here before we did was named Homer. He was allowed outdoors and was always getting into fights. He  got bitten on his tail (I guess he was a coward and was running away) and he had to go to the vet and had part of his tail shaved and then got stitches. The fur at the end of his tail was still there and he immediately got the nickname, "Poodle."

Sometimes I think it would be nice to explore outside but then I think of Poodle and then I am content to be inside.

That Amber dog gets to go outside for walks and runs but she has disgusting toilet habits; peeing on the grass where everyone can see her is not polite. I much prefer my private litter box where I can bury it.

Hope you don't get into any more fights.


Hi there,
    My name is TeeCee. My owners(?) thought it clever to abbreviate my true name of Top Cat as a phoney was making TV appearances some time ago. I should like everyone to know that in my house I am master, my servants; Freda and Peter not only wait on me claw and paw but pay the mortgage, gas and electric. I come and go as I please and treat them with total disdain, except when I want a bit of affection when I  creep up and leap onto their laps. When I am contented I knead at their legs and dribble on their clothes. The former gets a much greater response from Peter who seems to have a lower pain threshold than Freda. Freda is much better trained though and always makes sure that I have only the best food at the right time. I've got her really well trained and can usually get exactly what I want out of her. They have two daughters and three grandchildren who all think I am the most wonderful cat on the planet, (which of course I am) and when, on the rare occasions that Freda and Peter go away they all treat me as the master race should be treated.
    My greetings and felicitations to all my fellow cats who read this in the New world.

Tee Cee

Hi.. My name is Jasper and I live with another cat named Smokey.  We really don't like each other and most of the time when I am not playing with my toys.. or walking in front of my owner's computer or sitting on her "mouse"  I am stalking Smokey to make sure he doesn't venture into my territory.  I consider the whole house my territory.. so Smokey does not stand a chance.  My owner gets really mad at me when I scare Smokey but all she does is yell and pick him up.. so.. I figure.. what the heck if that's the worst that will happen.. it's worth the scared look on his face.  I do  hate it when he gets mad and swipes my nose.. or when he pushes me away from my dish and eats my food. although.. if he does that I get a free refill..

  I am very affectionate.. and will nip.. too.. if someone is not paying attention to me.  I love to play "jumpie"  and catch toys in the air.  I'm very good at that.. and I play it a lot with my owner.  My owner thinks because I was a stray.. I got my skills from catching birds in the air. I just say.. it was from basketball. but.. we know what it really is from.. (wink).. My favorite activity is watching the bird feeder.. did I mention that?? Since I am a house cat.. I don't get to "exercise" or play "jumpie" outside.. but I do get outside.. my owner takes me out on supervised outings.. My favorite person is Sasha and whenever she sits down.. or tries to sleep.. I immediately jump on  her and settle in..I consider her lap.. my territory.. and should she have any gentlemen friends over.. I make sure to cry and carry on if anyone sits next to her.. she is very tolerant of my behavior.. and I know she loves me because she says.. love me .. love my cat.. (YES!!)  I'm very adept at opening cabinet doors.. and like to hide in the cabinets and jump out when someone comes by.. I think it scares them.. judging from the look on their faces.. I have a great life here.. and really do prefer it to living on the streets.. Free rent.. all the food I can eat.. and a warm cozy lap ..lots of love. the only down side.. that Smokey guy .. otherwise..  it's just purrrrrrfect !!  Keep in touch.. Jasper

A note from Smokey:

Hi.. I can't stand that Jasper.. he really is a bully but my mom keeps him in line.. so I have a pretty good life here.. I am older than Jasper so I sleep a lot.. but I have a room I consider all my own and I get to relax and sun myself there uninterrupted.  I love to cuddle and I'm very affectionate when I'm awake.. Being 18.. I am not awake that much.. but when I am.. I can still put that Jasper in his place if he even looks at my dish.. I pick my fights.. he's young.. he'll learn.. (laughing here)  I had a wonderful life.. roaming the woods. sleeping on the deck. chasing everyone and everything.. the only down side was once when I had a mockingbird build a nest near my house.. whenever I would try to go outside.. that bird would dive bomb me and I had to keep ducking to get out to the yard.. I used to play it cool and just pretend it wasn't  happening.. but I guess I must have looked pretty funny ducking and walking as my owner used to laugh a lot and come out and "protect" me until I got out of the crazy bird's territory.. Boy.. did I hate that .. can you imagine it was a bird attacking me.. I'm glad none of the other guys saw that. Thank goodness that crazy bird moved on after the baby birds flew away.  The food is great.. my owner treats me like a king.. and if it weren't for that pesky Jasper.. my life would be purrrrfect.. it's pretty close to perfect.. anyway.. I'm enjoying my old age.. and I'm still pretty perky for an old guy.. Keep in touch.. Smokey

Dear Blue & Max,
Keep on keeping that dog in line! Seriously, she seems like a sweet type. OUR dog, Mystery (so named because he is) keeps our yard safe for us when we're inside. It took a while to train him, but now he lets us know when possums, other cats or Bad Dogs are around. Sadly, he barked when our beautiful brother Jacob was taken by a Bad Dog, but our guardian Kathy was too exhausted from night-shift to react quickly enough. You cant blame him for doing his job, though. She does feed him rather a lot of bones and biscuits and treats and things.
If you ever visit South Australia there's a place on the headrest of the couch in the sun for you. Your Keeper can even have a bit that we're not on.
Jemima & Josephine
The Tortoiseshell Team
& Jessica the 4 month old Gingerrat
Hi, I really like your bios and pics, I have only started mine and pics are a looong way off.  My human is soo busy with her internet business we only get scant minutes to play and hardly any time to continue my page. 

In an Erie or  is that EErie Indians episode the dogs were trying to take over the town (for starters) and one was heard to lament (in effect) If only we could solve the door knob problem...  Well I know what they mean, If only I had longer toes I could type this myself.

I don't know when I was born exactly but the best I can figure is sometime in July 1994

Hi Blue and Max
My name is Oscar and I'm "top Cat" at home, I have to put up with Chipper and Polly who aren't really that bad, they are both pure Persians like myself. We love the couch more than anything ,(even chasing birds) and best of all on a cold winters night we share the big bed with our owners. We need allot of care and attention which includes "The Brush", we don't like to be brushed but we get big lugs all over if she doesn't use it. We are thinking about travelling with our owners oversea's from N.Z  to Australia permanently but don't mind admitting we are a bit scared, so much so that we may stay home and find other owners. We are worried about the change in climate, ticks and snakes, but because we are so well loved and don't want to be left behind we are using the computer to find any information on "bringing cats to Australia", if you know anything could you let us know?
Your pal Oscar
Hi Amber

My name is Tracy..better known as the "gipper" 'cuz i always gip my mom(Jenna) from sitting in her favorite chair. My Dad (Rick) left us and my mom cries a lot and i try to kiss her on her nose to make her stop.

BTW, I live with twin boy cats named Riley and Benjie.  That Riley has slapped me more times than I care to admit. Personally, I think cats are beneath my notice, but it sure gets to me when Riley takes over mom's chair.  I always wait til mom goes to sleep then I chase those twins silly!  Of course, I don't hurt them becuz my mom would cry again and I can't stand to see a lady cry!  Besides that means I can plan for another nite of fun while mom works on something she calls her LLB.  Life gets crazy around here.

My Dad (Rick) was a military officer so I have a military rank doesn't do much good 'cuz nobody salutes me.  Riley just brings his disgusting road kill into the house and then I need earplugs to keep from hearing Mom scream at those evil twins.

I enjoyed your pictures and your stories.Tak1e care and don't let those cats get to you(sorry) paws got in the way.....have a nice time at your house.

Your friend,

Major Tracy "Gipper" Twinkles

Dear Blue and Max,

My name is Grissette and I am a rotund 14 yr. old blue-gray cat with slanted blue eyes.  You guys have a good life.  I can't remember the circumstances of my birth but I was a street walker in NY city although I was never involved with kitty porn.  Someone found me with my children.  We were starving and they died.  I moved to Pennsylvania and then Toledo, OH.  My owner was nice but she had to go overseas and gave me to a neighbor who was also a Unitarian like your owner.  She loved Lawren Harris.  She lost her job and we had to move to Chicago which was a great place for a cat who likes sunny windows.  She got a new job as Director of Research at the Chicago Art Institute.  Then my owner got sick and died.  Her sister, also a Unitarian and Lawren Harris fan took me to the north woods of Upper Michigan not too far from where the group of seven painted.  I love my new owner and we belong together.  There are other kitties who live in the barn but I have special status and live inside.  I do like the outside, now.  I can catch blind moles even though I don't have claws.  I got into trouble and killed and ate some chickens (not bad for a city cat).  My owner worries that I'll be a tender morsel for a coyote so I watch out for them.   Sometimes we go for walks but I get tired so I ride in the wheel barrow.  I  am one well traveled cat and I am happy as long as I have someone's lap to sit on.



So enjoyed hearing about all of you, and happy to hear that you are living in peaceful co-existence!  I've been designated the spokesperson in this family, and I am writing on behalf of the "zoo" that I am part of.....there are five rescued very big rott/golden mix, one collie/chow mix, one police dog type, and then there's the miniature apricot poodle and black and fluffy Pomeranian.  Then there is me, a feline rescue (I was brought here at the age of 5 days, and my Mum & Da bottle fed me to keep me alive. My name is "Mouse" and  I am a cool and beautiful lady rag doll mix feline who spends each night with my Mum & Dada...(I give them kisses and they are my slaves)...I have lots of feline pals here, because my Mum is a volunteer for an animal adoption/rescue group....

There are so many cats here  (More than a dozen) that I simply plod along and know that at the end of each day...I will be admitted to my folks' bedroom and slather them with kisses, and all will be well.    We are a happy group here, and I know, in my heart, that though it would be wonderful to be a "spoiled" only child....there is room in this world for all of us.

Purrs and kisses to all of you....even your doggie friend!!!  And....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Montgomery Mouse Ray
Battle Ground, WA  USA

My two say hello to your two cats.  Macushla (sweetheart in Irish) is a huge long-haired American cat born in Arkansas who loves cold weather -10 just makes him fluff up his coat a little thicker. 'Kushla is 13 1/2. Sam is gray with gold eyes and resembles 'Blue'.

I never laughed so hard in 20 years as I did over the Kitty Litter Cake! I wish you had a TV show, every day I could laugh at your humor.

I can't wait to take over that recipe to the senior center on Monday. ( I'm 71 years of age)

Please may I have your cats autographs. They are so cool!!
I liked reading abort all you guys. You sound like you are having a goodtime together.

I have two sisters and a brother. We let our human Mom and Dad live with us. Me and C00kie and Farnsworth were adopted out of the backyard. I've been here a few years, but the babies just came last winter

B00 belonged to Uncle Robert and we adopted her so she could have more fun than being alone all the time

We don't have a dog, but we do have Freddie the Freeloader. He hangs around the yard and Mom feeds him. He is an orange and white kitty and we think he looks a lot like Farnsworth. He is full grown and scared of people, so Mom just feeds him, but he is not coming in the house.

We pretty much run the house. We have shelves full of kitty food and tuna and we have two littler boxes. We like to sit at the back door wall and watch the chipmunk and squirrels eat the peanuts mom puts out for them. Mom calls the back door "kitty cable". We can watch it for hours--and no commercials!! ha ha ha ha I am a silly kitty and I have lots of friends who write to me on the internet. they even sent me turkey over the internet!! Isit here with my mouth open and wait for it! Yum

Nice talking with you. I have to run downstairs now, Mom has the vacuum cleaner out.

Luv.Twinky ^ ^>*<

We are Treasure and Goumet, brother and sister.  We had a hard start in life someone threw us in the garbage, luckily a nice man saw us before we got crushed.  We went to the animal pound and our Daddy heard about us on the city radio.

Our owners had just lost their cat of 16 years, Pumpkin, but they thought it was too soon to get another cat(s).

On Mother's day 2000, our humans knew that the time had come for cats to return to their home, they came to the shelter and there we were waiting for them.  We didn't like the ride to their house very much but when we got there, they had food for us.  Gourmet made the first dash to the dish, that is how she let the humans (furless two legs) know her name.

Treasure was more reluctant to tell his name but his Mom woke from a dream where he told her his name.  One man's trash.....

Treasure and Gourmet

Dear Blue and Max,
My name is Grissette and I am a rotund 14 yr. old blue-gray cat with slanted blue eyes. You guys have a good life. I can't remember the circumstances of my birth but I was a street walker in NY city although I was never involved with kitty porn. Someone found me with my children. We were starving and they died. I moved to Pennsylvania and then Toledo, OH. My owner was nice but she had to go overseas and gave me to a neighbor who was also a Unitarian like your owner. She loved Lawren Harris. She lost her job and we had to move to Chicago which was a great place for a cat who likes sunny windows. She got a new job as Director of Research at the Chicago Art Institute. Then my owner got sick and died. Her sister, also a Unitarian and Lawren Harris fan took me to the north woods of Upper Michigan not too far from where the group of seven painted. I love my new owner and we belong together. There are other kitties who live in the barn but I have special status and live inside. I do like the outside, now. I can catch blind moles even though I don't have claws. I got into trouble and killed and ate some chickens (not bad for a city cat). My owner worries that I'll be a tender morsel for a coyote so I watch out for them. Sometimes we go for walks but I get tired so I ride in the wheel barrow. I am one well traveled cat and I am happy as long as I have someone's lap to sit on.
Hi Blue and Max

You guys sure do have a good life. I do too living in a 20th floor high rise apartment with the two humans I allow to take care of me. I tell them when I want to get some fresh air on the patio and whenever my food dish even begins to look like it may be empty in the next 24hrs(they've actually let it go down o only 4 or 5 pieces left!). No matter, I can get them trained pretty fast with a minimum of coaching from me nowadays. You see, I've owned them since1990. I really loved the titles to your kitty links but the one that got me howling was the "Stop Kitty Porn" sign. I apparently made such a racket that I hear one of the humans coming down the hall to investigate so I need to logoff and act like nothing's happened now (my best trait).

Your Fellow Online Kitty:

Boyt(owner of Scotty Miller & Don Call)


Hi Boyt,

It sure sounds like you do have a good life. I just thought I would tell you that if you click on the Kitty Porn picture it will take you to a site which is all about the horrors of kitty porn. I am so glad that you enjoyed the page about Max and me.

Good napping,



Hello Max & Blue.

I have finally been able to get some time on my humans' computer they seem to live on the web anymore) and got a chance to view the Kitty Porn site and frankly, I am appalled! Now it may have something to do with what they had done to me when I was still young and free (and I'm not talking about declawing, if you get my drift) but I just don't see the thrill of viewing these poor young kitties dressed in, shall I say, less than what is decent. It really hit home when I read that even the First Kitty was not immune. I'm going to join this most important of debates raging now on the Internet. You can be assured that if MY humans even think about doing something like that to me I'm going to wait for just the right moment and give them a viscious kitty bite right on their....never mind. I'm sure you know what I mean. It was great receiving a reply from you. It's nice to know that there are other kitties out there that have some Internet savvy(of course they ALL would if they all had access, unlike some humans I've heard of that couldn't even find the "on" button, let alone the mouse <yearrowl> ) and enjoy surfing the net as much as those crazy "surfer dudes" who actually go into the water on purpose. Rest assured, my brothers and sisters, I will do everything in my power to stop this disgusting practice and spread the word far and wide(I smelled the 3rd step of our house so you know what I mean by that)to all my kitty friends in the RW and the VR world. Uh oh, I hear them coming in the front door. Well time once again to logoff and act like nothing's happened. I'll write you guys back as soon as I can to keep you updated

Your fellow cyberkitty,


Dear Blue & Max,
Keep on keeping that dog in line! Seriously, she seems like a sweet type. OUR dog, Mystery (so named because he is) keeps our yard safe for us when we're inside. It took a while to train him, but now he lets us know when possums, other cats or Bad Dogs are around. Sadly, he barked when our beautiful brother Jacob was taken by a Bad Dog, but our guardian Kathy was too exhausted from night-shift to react quickly enough. You cant blame him for doing his job, though. She does feed him rather a lot of bones and biscuits and treats and things.
If you ever visit South Australia there's a place on the headrest of the couch in the sun for you. Your Keeper can even have a bit that we're not on.
Jemima & Josephine
The Tortoiseshell Team
& Jessica the 4 month old Gingerrat 

Blue answers:

Hi, Jemima & Josephine
Thanks for the invitation. The only problem is that we are not even allowed outside and our allowance is not enough to afford tickets to Australia. Besides, I hate to travel; when we have to go out in the car I holler all the time. Than Amber hound likes to go out and travels well I hear.
Bert has some software clients in Australia and Louise has a colleague who is teaching at Griffith University but you guys are the only Australian cats we have heard from. When I can next get some time on the computer I am going to add your letter to the others we have received.
If you are ever in Canada. BTW, did you see the pictures of our big snowfalls? They are accessible from Bert's personal page.
Good to hear from you and keep those humans in line.

I am Chico.  I'm an only cat, so I'm very  spoiled.  This is my first
time online!  This is way better than going to the vets.  I really
don't like my temperature taken!!!

I'm just a little kitten, and I love to play with my toys.  MY mom is
very creative and has made me some neat ones.

I love to sit on shoulders and  I love to clean ears.  Ihate it when my
mom wears earrings--I pull them out!!!   I don't like ponytails either.
so I undo them every chance I get.

It was nice writing to y'all, Blue and Max.  I'm going to go have my
bath now:(  but then I get a treat:)  yum...

your friend, Chico in Baytown, Texas

Blue answers:

Hi Chico,

It must be nice to be an only cat. Not only do I have to put up with Max but
I have to have that greyhound, Amber around. She gets to go out for walks
while I have to stay inside and wait for them to come home. Not fair.

It sure sounds like you have a nice life. I do too even though I complain



Isis writes

I'm a little triangular, bluepoint meezer who looks, well...a lot like you, actually. My name is Isis and my favorite word is MMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAA. I fetch wads of paper, balls of tin foil and most importantly, I play with string. you can throw it, and i'll bring it back. Dangle it above me or drag it across the floor, and I'll be your acrocat...for hours. Once I sat in front of a piece of string all night long waiting for my human, Serena, to pick it up and play with me. I love the company of people. Can't get enough of their love and admiration. Serena got me accustomed to actual cat worship rituals from the time I was a wee meeze, so I know my place is on the throne. (Do people ever tell you you look like a gray alien? They do, me. And they often say I'm the most beautiful cat they've ever seen. But I hate it when they say how SKINNY I am. just jealous, I guess.)
sotc! Isis


there are two of us here, i'm trixie and my feline big sister is isabelle.  i'm a 20 month old tiny yorkie, and bella is a 4 year old flame point siamese/apartment complex mix.  she is very beautiful and knows it.  i have lived with bella and my mom since march.  i got them for my birthday.  i was bred to breed, but the breeder thought my hips were too narrow.  my mom didn't care about all that.  i used to be really shy and startle really easily.  i'm getting more comfortable being out in public as long as i have my mom right there.  all i have to do is look up at her and stand up and she picks me up and whispers comforting things to me.  i am not fluent in human, and mom speaks broken canine, but we have really learned to communicate anyway.  i use different tones depending on what i want and mom is a fast learner.  she really lets bella and i do whatever we want as long as we don't yell, especially when mom has a migraine.  oh and i don't go potty in the house, bella does, but only in her potty.  we're wonderful creatures and have a really peaceful life.  we love mom and she loves us.  none of us can imaging life without the other now, each of us have our own special favorite thing the other one does.

happy thanksgiving from all of us to all of you,

trixie, isabelle, and sarahjane(that's mom) 



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