Bert Christensen's Cyberspace Galleriess

Portrait of a Lady

All the paintings and graphics on my site are digital only. They reside on my hard drives and the hard drives at the server rather than on walls.

I do not buy or sell paintings or reproductions or posters.

All enquiries about artists, prices, media, sizes, availablities or ownership can often be answered by doing an Internet search or by consulting a reputable art dealer, auction house or gallery. Sometimes, university fine art departments can be a valuable resource.

I have no knowledge of the availability of originals, prints or reproductions.

For thousands and thousands more paintings see Carol Gerten Fine ArtWebmagick's pre-Raphaelite Art Pages,   Brian Yoder's Art Gallery & Critic's CornerWebMuseum, Paris,   Mark Harden's Artchive , ArtcyclopediaArtMagick, The Art Renewal Centre and many more listed on my Galleries and Museums page.

These and the habitués of Usenet's alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art and alt.binaries.pictures.artpics newsgroups are the true virtual art collectors.

I thank them..

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